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  1. I never grow tired of seeing photos of our coffee out in the wild, so please keep sharing! I would like to think that by tomorrow all will have landed...
  2. Hope to have you on board - I have a cracking roaster in mind that very few on this forum will have ever tried, but all will be glad they did!
  3. This is one that I hadn't thought of. I would put this under the heading of "innocent but misguided" if it was given to me as an explanation.
  4. Speaking as a roaster that knew from Day 1 the need to put a date on it, the most innocent explanation is that they just haven't thought it necessary. I would expect they have a best-before date? If so then they know when they were roasted because that's the reference point. Perhaps drop them a message to ask them why not and gently suggest that they should. To answer the other question: no, there isn't a good reason to hold back the date.
  5. Hi everybody, I'll keep this short because I could write a whole blog series on this topic. Can I invite you to consider supporting the forum's sponsors this Black Friday? That includes any who don't have banners but who make offers available for you all year round. There are a number of us who have standing offers for forum members. Having a quick look at what is out there for Black Friday, I don't think too many will be beating us for value. There is a very respected roastery offering a huge discount, and a big one offering another hefty whack off kilos, but otherwise the sponsors
  6. But the good news that you don't need to achieve mastery in order to get a good brew first thing in the morning!
  7. Welcome, Becky! You've fallen down a rabbit hole now! I have to say I agree with what @Missy and @HDAV have said above. We are one of the sponsors of the forum, and if you'd like to see if I can put together a Aeropress/V60+grinder bundle together for less than £100 (and I'm confident I can, comfortably) then I'd be happy to Most on here keep their original lo-tech brewers long after they move on to bigger and shinier things! But, sales pitch aside, you are truly welcome Best wishes Gareth
  8. Some say that the bags change colour as they ripen...
  9. All of the subs have hit the post, so I'm excited for you guys getting them this week! @Ozzyjohn - not letterbox friendly I'm afraid. Bane of my life! It's surprising how hard it is to get letterbox-friendly packaging without going the bespoke route. I might need to check in with this thread later this week to make sure I include everybody in the draw for the £17 credit. I know most usernames, but some are missing and I want to make sure everybody is in with a shout!
  10. Crankhouse El Carmen Decaf is the best I’ve ever had, and the tasting notes are spot on
  11. Morning everybody - wanted to update you. Dave roasted on Thursday and shipped on Friday, and we expect his parcel Monday. We roasted yesterday and we're ready to go. In truth this means that orders will be shipped Tuesday (I'm going to be away all day and so it's a near certainty I can't ship tomorrow) and will arrive with you shortly thereafter. I won't tell you what you're getting, but it's one of Dave's new coffees and it's one of our forum faves. Would be great to see photos in the Postie thread next week! Have a good weekend! Gareth
  12. Higher temperature you say... let me see... edit: Need to remember to swap back to my normal account when posting...
  13. Right, orders are closed! Dave has the orders and is roasting them as we speak, and we’ll be roasting this weekend to hopefully ship Monday. It’s only “hopefully” because it depends on when Dave’s parcel gets here. Looking forward to this! Thank you for the support you’ve all shown for this new initiative. I’ve already got December’s roaster sorted, and I can’t wait to share the info next month!
  14. Seem to remember November deliveries came in October, but you pays your money and takes yer chance! You can’t rely upon it coming early, unfortunately.
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