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  1. Good due diligence on here - well done! As for the comment about "they clearly spent a lot of money on a website". If they did then more fool them. Ours costs about £21 a month and seems to be at least good enough for people to entrust us with their money. Spending any amount of money on any part of a business is simply not good enough to expect success or even a modest trade. The website seems to do its best not to lay claim to the roasting process. I can see how an unsuspecting customer would expect they were getting goods from the roastery itself. edit: Just a £3.50 (circa
  2. I'm going to go with the first aluminium funnel I bought from ebay. Made things a lot less messy!
  3. Here was me hoping to get him on a free transfer to Walsall!
  4. No hijacking here! Everybody is welcome to chime in on what we're doing Really looking forward to seeing what you all make of our Colombian - I think it's improved since we first launched it. I don't know what Calvin has tweaked in the profile but I like it!
  5. Roast Day Tomorrow is roast day folks, so get any orders in before 9am Saturday to be included in those batches! Miss it, miss out! CFUK21 for 15% off.
  6. I think this is the key risk to Hasbean. There’s a question of what he can do with the info, skill and connections that he’s obtained whilst running the company. He won’t necessarily be able to take that away and start using it elsewhere straightaway. I think that will be where his other coffee business interests will help him out - he’ll have set a precedent of using that knowledge elsewhere already and it might help him out of an otherwise sticky legal situation. Or I might be talking nonsense. Employment law is not my strength.
  7. When you’re an owner of the company, you’re not automatically employed by them. Directors make employment decisions, and so if a part-owner no longer wants to be employed then he resigns to the directors. I see he is currently registered as a director still. That’s also possible. You can be a director for regulatory purposes and have a separate contract with the company for the actual day-to-day work.
  8. Good question! I have a Decent Espresso machine which emulates the Londinium. It is declining pressure, amongst other things.
  9. I've just tested out a Londinium-style shot of a new decaf that Calvin has been profiling. It's goooooood! And it's up there with the Colombian El Carmen I've been buying from Crankhouse for the past year. And it's not Colombian El Carmen. Hoping to hit the shop maybe next week!
  10. I’m in there too! A few pages back! If I post in here then a few people might go “oh yeah, I might buy a bag tonight” 😉
  11. Every week I do a shuttle from the roastery to the local parcel drop off outside an industrial park near my house. This week, I grabbed my eBike and did it by cycle instead of car. It was a revelation! It's been brilliant to combine a necessary logistical step with my need to get exercise. Running a business, supporting my family, and running my legal practice don't leave much time for exercise, especially in lockdown. I'm hoping this beauty will encourage me to get out on the road more and ditch the car more often.
  12. I think he railed against them in a different blogpost not too long ago. That's not conclusive, of course, but I don't think he's its biggest fan.
  13. I was at the 10th Anniversary bash that he threw a few years ago - it was good fun! I recall thinking a while ago that when O Zone took a share of Hasbean it was unlikely to mean that Steve would stay on forever. Hopefully he's moved on on his own terms, and adequately remunerated for it. I suppose there's a good chance he still owns shares. Yes, I can't see this being the end of him in coffee either. And I'm sure he'll always be welcome.
  14. Excellent - well done! A homemade quiche is a fine thing indeed.
  15. Are any of you guys going to get involved with this? I personally have no interest at all in an event like this as a virtual variant. The pleasure of LCF has always been meeting roasters, messing with machines, consuming more coffee than your body can handle, and leaving with a year's worth of beans. None of that seems to be possible this year. It also seems to be more London-centric now that it's gone virtual - at least that's what the marketing is telling me. Again, the diversity of roasters from across the country - and the world - has always been an attraction. I don't think the Londo
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