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  1. (A reminder: code CFUK21 at checkout gets you 15% off all individual bags of coffee at https://www.coffeebythecasuals.com) Hi everybody! Let me preface this by saying that to us this is a major update. Some of you might shrug, but I hope many of you will recognise the significance of this part of the life of our business. I would like to think that this story is made all the more interesting by the fact that our little company was born on this forum. As of today, we have our first employee! You know him already - his name is Calvin! Calvin has been roasting since we starte
  2. Our forum discount code is still live. 15% off all individual bags of coffee on our website, using code CFUK21. We're really happy to say that we now roast every Monday and Thursday. We think this will be a huge improvement for our customers. We can only thank you for your patience in putting in an order on a Sunday and waiting more than a week for Royal Mail to deliver it. Now, we hope that if you run out of coffee over the weekend we can re-stock you by midweek with our Monday roast. And if *gasp* you end up facing a caffeine shortage at the weekend then we might be able to get i
  3. Hey James! Great question, and thanks for asking. The short answer is that we will rotate them (probably by necessity, in truth - eventually we'll be out of stock of something), but it's highly unlikely that the Little Bundle will be different in two weeks' time. Look forward to receiving your order then!
  4. Greetings all! A very rainy day here in Walsall. Summer is over etc etc I wanted to let you all know about the new beans that we've had over the last month or so. I know that some of you have been using the discount code (CFUK21 for 15% off) and have already got your hands on some of these, but the first one on the list is brand new and I know for a fact that nobody has yet ordered them. If you're really keen then you can get all three, plus our crowd-pleasing Bom Jesus for £25 posted in our brand new Big Bundle. Click here for that info. Sorry, discount doesn't apply to the bundle becaus
  5. They look good. But you know what they say about the proof of the pudding... I've used this recipe to great effect for a number of years: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/best-ever-chocolate-brownies-recipe I think the key is to not want to bake them til they're completely "crumby" like a cake.
  6. It's been a while since we updated, but we've been busy! New Coffees We've had a couple of new coffees hit the shop, with a couple more still in development. Peru - Albert Einstein Nunez Fernandez - Orange, Grapefruit, and a touch of kiwi - https://www.coffeebythecasuals.com/products/albert-einstein-nunez-fernandez Uganda - Muduku Microlot - Almond, Cherry, Vanilla - https://www.coffeebythecasuals.com/products/new-muduku-microlot Coffee for Palestine For a month we sold our Bom Jesus as a coffee that would benefit the people of Palestine who are currently sufferi
  7. @RDC8 Thanks for reminding me that I need to order more packaging! We're currently ordering from Lil Packaging and using... https://shop.lilpackaging.com/products/lb2-kraft-paper-mail-bag - Fits 2 x 250g for us https://shop.lilpackaging.com/products/lb5-rtn-kraft-paper-mail-bag - Fits getting on for 2kg, depending on size. You could probably stuff more in but make it too big for RM Small Parcel https://shop.lilpackaging.com/products/a3 - Just about fits 2 x 500g for us
  8. Thanks Shaun! Glad you enjoyed it. I like your description - I think I find every one of those notes, too. The good news is that it's our Bom Jesus bean and so will be available for a long time yet! It's the first bean we've sold that we've thought "Yup, we'll take a third of tonne please". It's lovely stuff.
  9. Alrighty, we're running this again this weekend (19th June 2021), so our triple discount is on for roughly another 24 hours. A Bom Jesus and Albert Einstein combo will make you very happy, so head over to our website to check them out. https://www.coffeebythecasuals.com/collections/featured-collection/products/bom-jesus https://www.coffeebythecasuals.com/collections/featured-collection/products/albert-einstein-nunez-fernandez
  10. We've been a bit quiet on here because we've been extremely busy behind the scenes. I'll update you all on another thread. First, though, the fun stuff: it's triple discount time again! That means that you will get: - 15% off with code CFUK21 - £1 off 500g bags and £2 off 1kg bags - Free shipping for orders over £25 and cheap shipping for order over £15 Offer excludes our charitable Coffee for Palestine, equipment, and subscriptions.
  11. “Coffee by the Casuals: contributing to domestic friction since 2019”
  12. This offer is still live, BUT we may pull it later today if demand means that we fill our capacity for tomorrow's roast. This month has seen our highest number of sales yet, and yesterday was our biggest single day ever! That gives you an idea of how we might hit capacity and have to pull the plug on the whole shop before tomorrow. Thank you once again for all of your support - can't wait to see the Postie thread next week!
  13. Triple Discount Weekend Until the moment we start roasting at 9.00am on Saturday 1st May, you can get triple discount on any of our single-origin 500g or 1kg bags. That means: 1. £2 off each kilo bag and £1 off each 500g bag. 2. 15% off your whole order with the usual code CFUK21 3. Cheap 2nd Class shipping when you spend £15, and free when you spend £25. If you want a recommendation then I would go for 500g of our Bom Jesus (which is a big forum favourite) and 500g of the Kenyan Rukira, which is our best-seller. Unless my maths is a bit shonky, you slip in just above
  14. Welcome to the forum! A popular first setup. Yes, you're well and truly down the rabbit hole now!
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