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  1. “Coffee by the Casuals: contributing to domestic friction since 2019”
  2. This offer is still live, BUT we may pull it later today if demand means that we fill our capacity for tomorrow's roast. This month has seen our highest number of sales yet, and yesterday was our biggest single day ever! That gives you an idea of how we might hit capacity and have to pull the plug on the whole shop before tomorrow. Thank you once again for all of your support - can't wait to see the Postie thread next week!
  3. Triple Discount Weekend Until the moment we start roasting at 9.00am on Saturday 1st May, you can get triple discount on any of our single-origin 500g or 1kg bags. That means: 1. £2 off each kilo bag and £1 off each 500g bag. 2. 15% off your whole order with the usual code CFUK21 3. Cheap 2nd Class shipping when you spend £15, and free when you spend £25. If you want a recommendation then I would go for 500g of our Bom Jesus (which is a big forum favourite) and 500g of the Kenyan Rukira, which is our best-seller. Unless my maths is a bit shonky, you slip in just above
  4. Welcome to the forum! A popular first setup. Yes, you're well and truly down the rabbit hole now!
  5. April Newsletter We've just sent out our April newsletter. If you're into that sort of thing then you can click the link below and read it. If not, then move along! https://mailchi.mp/85ccdc34b47f/april-newsletter
  6. It's an intriguing bean - one of the most difficult to roast that we've got. It did not taste good at all when Calvin first profiled it. His next attempts were much better, and I was pleasantly surprised when I tested it as espresso and filter. I do think the black tea comes through incredibly well, and I'm impressed how the tea note remains but evolves depending on whether I make it as espresso or filter. We wanted El Carmen Decaf, in truth, but couldn't find it. It was always my go-to from Crankhouse. But we promised ourselves that if we couldn't get a good decaf we wouldn't roast one
  7. The postie is getting better! Thanks for sharing, John!
  8. Downside of the Decent is that you can't steam and pull a shot at the same time. That will slow down work flow. Where are you based, Anna?
  9. It should be great once the restrictions are lifted. We have plans to open our own place elsewhere in the town, but that's very much early days so far.
  10. Hiya @morkfromork - welcome to the forum! There are a few of us from Walsall and the surrounding area on here. Thank for your order - look forward to hearing what you think of the coffee! If you didn't know already, @JTNC opened a coffee shop in Walsall last week on Lower Hall Lane. It's the old Vines building, and it's now called "The Table". You can drink our coffee in there if you're ever in the area.
  11. Triple Discount Thursday We've just posted the following offer in the usual place, which is good until 9am on Saturday. Plastic-Free Postage We are trialling our first plastic-free postage materials. I think we can comfortably ship anything from a single 250g bag to 3kg or so in either paper or cardboard envelopes. Our plastic packaging was a bit of an embarrassment for us, so we hope we've cracked it. We would welcome feedback on the packaging from anybody who receives coffee in this new material. The paper envelopes are said to be compostable at home within three months.
  12. A variation on a theme this week. Always a popular offer, never regretted by those who have partaken. An extra £1 off every 500g bag you buy. Free shipping on £25+ orders, and just £1.50 for £15+ orders. 15% off all coffee with the usual code CFUK21. (Subscriptions and equipment excluded.) Take your boots and kindly fill them. www.coffeebythecasuals.com
  13. Welcome @SORTED - you'll find no end of people ready to spend your money for you!
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