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  1. Hey, Looks interesting. I will take it at £30 delivered.
  2. Oh nice! thanks. Both sites really useful. Got 3 places to try now!
  3. Hey, I would like to offer the requested 130 for postage to Oxford. Thanks, hoping it will be a good upgrade on my smart grinder for espresso.
  4. Would be interested in dimensions also - very tempted as looking for large flat burrs if possible but I have limited height (cabinet). Also live very nearby in Oxford and bought your PID which worked great recently.
  5. Thanks for your advice! I hadn't considered the Lelit Elizabeth - it looks very well priced for a dual boiler and has a PID also which is nice. Will take a closer look and keep thinking about the Niche.
  6. Thanks, their website looks good - I will take a look
  7. Wow that looks stunning! Love the clean looks of the Synchronica.
  8. Seeing La Pav on ebay actually made me want to get back into espresso a few months ago. I watched for them for ages but in the end settled for a Gaggia Classic as couldn't justify the money to start. Was tempted by that quick mill veloce that just sold but I think thats further down the road - will try a lever machine one day!
  9. Hi, I haven't ordered from them (yet) but asked a few questions via email and got very quick replies with detailed answers from Claudette.
  10. Hi, Can anyone recommend a bean seller/subscription place in Oxford/Oxfordshire? Just getting back into espresso! So far I have ordered from Square Mile and Hasbean and have no complains/was quick to deliver but would like to support local company if possible. Also I have an old (from ebay) roasting device (I-roast I think) so any green bean suppliers would be good also. Thanks!
  11. Hey, Have finally signed up after lurking for last few weeks/looking at Gaggia Mod guides etc. Just started getting back into espresso after having a Gaggia Classic and Sage Smart Grinder a few years ago. Current Setup: I bought a new Gaggia Classic from Ebay as I gave my old one to a friend when I stopped espresso for a few years. I have modded it with Mr Shades PID (can recommend) and OPV and currently using it with Sage Smart Grinder which I think I really need to replace as its struggling. I have had a few good shots (I prefer chocolately tasting shots) but struggling.
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