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  1. How is the shipping outside of UK? To Sweden. I’m in for a black one if it’s 220V with European plug? 😂
  2. I found a new video but it's in Arabic. If there is someone who can translate important parts? Looks less wobbly with bellows than in the Eureka video.
  3. https://dailycoffeenews.com/2021/09/02/eureka-leans-into-single-dose-grinding-with-newest-oro-machine/
  4. Espresso Coffee Shop is taking preorders 520€ Excluding the Italian VAT. Delivery at the end of October. https://www.espressocoffeeshop.com/en/single-dosing-grinders/379-0-eureka-mignon-single-dose-espresso-grinder.html
  5. I saw first price of the grinder at Espressissimo 640€ Free shipping in Europe
  6. Been busy at work so haven’t really posted. Circulor!!
  7. 2 bags of April and a bag of Ethiopian from Love Coffee in Lund Sweden. The Love Coffee was a positive surprise. Might be one of the best roasted in Sweden coffee I have tried. And a Motta Europe 350ml milk jug. These arrived last week. A friend of mine who lives in Melbourne helped out with the OCD tool. That arrived today. The OCD tools are on 25% sale at the moment if someone else has been thinking about getting one. They are rebranding it to NCD, those are already on the market.
  8. I’m in! I just need to find a source. My local Eureka retailer is too small to get it in. There isn’t a Eureka agent in Sweden. So all the retailers get their grinders directly from Eureka. They said to my local guys, “Yeah you can get it but you need to get a whole pallet of grinders” that’s about 50! 😂
  9. Timing went totally wrong today. 😂 Mutley & Jack’s from Stockholm Sweden and El Magnifico from Barcelona Spain. First time this happens. I’m usually decently organised when it comes to coffee orders.
  10. Deliveries was under control a few days ago. Testing some Swedish roasters. And the best funnel on the market.
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