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  1. Machine all in for quick test and used some pre-ground I had kicking about and very very happy with theBambino. More than good enough cup considering a total lack of effort my side has far. Steamer, thanks to children, easily did a pint of milk. Surprised how quick heat up was. Grinder coming end of week, found a tidy Wega 6.4 which should hopefully meet my needs for the moment. All in I spent £400 for the lot.
  2. Probably not for me. Thanks anyway
  3. Looking for a grinder, catering style would easily fit the space. Doser or not. Something between 100-150 marker, might stretch a bit. Based in Hereford, but travel to London a fair bit. cheers, Anton
  4. Will do. It’s my first foray into one of these machines. I had a huge look around at reviews on the forum and machines from between a £200 Punt all the way to £600, which still isn’t that pricey. Decided on single group rather than twin due to running costs, tank fed, parts and repairs were easy, all reviews seem to rate them as a good solid machine, And if the monkey presses a button then coffee comes out, thus it fitted the bill. I found one on flea bay for £300, but I haggled it from 365 as it’s definitely a buyers market at the moment based on a number of machines on sale and offers that p
  5. I think this is a Fracino Bambino. I hope so as I am collecting and identical one on Friday!
  6. Noted. Water supply easy one to sort as is electric. No, the kettle will stay! have found a Fracino 2g, an Expobar bean to cup and a Pavoni Hotel. All within the price range. All looks like a minefield for the most part! thanks
  7. Thanks for that one. I don’t use Facebook, so opened up a few options there! Like you said, quite a few coffe houses gone pop, so there are some deals to be had!
  8. Very nice And shiny! Brother in law has similar. I have seen a few of these around and seem to present good value. My only issue with smaller machines is we drink a lot of tea and coffee! At least a dozen large cups a day each, plus kids have another 6 between them. Thus, the need for buckets of steam and water is a must as the machine will probably sit switched on for the most part. I can’t really do with filling it up with water every fourth cup. I think commercial may be a better option.. problem is I was spoiled in my early days when our coffee machine would happily steam away all day an
  9. Hi, newbie here who has finally got the an age where I can investigate a decent coffee machine. About 30 years ago we Installed A machine in my parents pub which got me into coffee. Prior to this I hated the stuff! I loved that machine. Can’t remember the make, but banging the knock box, the sound of the grinder and steamer were sounds that I can still hear today. It beat the living daylights out of the domestic Plastic stuff I can find today. Thus 30 years later, marriage, two kids who like coffee, a hankering after the old days, a smallish pot of cash out of the barn refurbishment bud
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