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  1. No, i upgraded to an IMS shortly after purchasing the machine and it's all been good. I got the Competitizione B68 2T H24.5. I usually dose 18g and there seems to be fair bit of headspace. Usually very minor residue left on the screen after pulling a shot. On a similar but slightly unrelated note i unscrewed the twin spouts from the portafilter recently. I saw the spouts seemed a bit dirty and wasn't sure if it was coffee residue or not, figured they would be easier to clean if detached. Unscrewing took a fair bit of effort but getting it back on was a bit stressful. It seemed like it nee
  2. Hiya, that's pretty much my routine as well. I haven't got a dosing funnel or the naked portafilter but grinding into the cup, invert onto the portafilter, little stir with a cocktail stick to even out the void, spinning with the Motta 58.5 leveller and tamp with the Motta 58.4 seems to get consistent results.
  3. Luckily DPD turned up shortly afterwards with the lead so coffee has been made (and steaming back up to full power). Happy days!
  4. Hi, thanks for that tip and i'll definitely be careful now with the tap. Machine has been repaired and I collected yesterday but when I got back discovered they'd forgotten to put the power cord back in the box so no coffee yet grrrr!
  5. Further to the issues I've had with the steaming power it appears that 'someone' had been overtightening the steam tap when closing it. The message from the servicing team at BB in relation to the attached picture was: 'this is the damaged seal, instead of being flat at the tip it is pointed and this is where it has been overtightened. This causes the flat surface to be driven into the outlet and produces this raised part.' This may be a rookie mistake but message for those who have this machine is don't overtighten the tap otherwise you'll likely block the valve.
  6. Hi, if you haven't read the thread 'delonghi non-pressurised great results', have a look as there's some folk who seem to have got a 1:2 or thereabouts extraction from the dedica. My own experience was that this was not really possible. I also bought a niche and experimented with a non-pressurised basket for a few weeks before I upgraded my machine. From memory a finer grind caused a fair bit of dripping before the coffee flowed through. If you're getting out 50g from 18g in then that seems reasonable assuming it tastes OK,better than what I managed. I don't think the dedica is really des
  7. It's going back to BB tomorrow. They agree that it's something that needs looking at in the workshop and have said they'll repair or replace within 24 hours so should hopefully hear back on Monday or Tuesday.
  8. No, nothing changed in the advanced settings. I'll give BB a call tomorrow and see what they have to say. Thanks for your help, i'll report back once a diagnosis has been made.
  9. Hi, so i've drained the steam boiler as it occured to me I hadn't done this since I've had the machine. The steam wand tip is clean. The tiny bits i got out of it weren't blocking the holes. I turned the steam temp up to the maximum 145c in case this was any better. Steam was more powerful but still drips and splutters. The attached video will hopefully show the problem. Temp was 135c at the the start but steam very slow to come through. I made a coffee shortly afterwards and it took about 30 seconds to steam 4oz/100ml of milk. Problem seems to be getting worse. video.mp4
  10. I've removed the steam tip and there was a small amount of stuff in there that I managed to get out. Figured that was the culprit but when I came to steam some milk the problem remains. Dripping water and then steam coming through but doesn't seem an even flow and not as powerful as it should be. Tested without the tip on the wand as well but no improvement. Assuming there could be a blockage further up I guess the next step is to remove the entire steam wand. Is this advisable and if so anything to be aware of? Or should i contact Bella Barista before attempting this?
  11. Yeah, sorry about the rotation on the video. I couldn't get sound either (running firefox on windows) but glad it's now been heard. I was getting the steam to come through as per your video until recently so may well be a blockage inside. steam was at 135c, all settings as per factory. how do you remove the steam tip?
  12. Here is the video showing the machine spluttering before the steam came through. 20201114_114942.mp4
  13. From memory - turn tap on, water drips briefly come out of wand then steam kicks slowly at first and ramps up to full pressure shortly afterwards. I'll attempt to upload a video in the morning.
  14. I've noticed a slowing up of the steam activation on the Elizabeth over the past week or so. It's now taking a few seconds for the steam to come through properly and is preceded by drips of water. Steaming power is unaffected, it's just the time it takes to get there. Previously the steam was pretty much instantaneous. I've been pretty diligent with purging and wiping after use so wouldn't expect any blockage or contaminant inside the wand. Machine is still at factory settings and warmed up to the OK before use. Anyone had this problem/any ideas what may be wrong?
  15. I'm not too keen on the design of the Elizabeth portafilter either, i think it's the angular end in the palm of the hand, so will be looking to get a more rounded one. Either the PLA580S as above or the Nuovo one on BB. I do like the shape of the Bianca style walnut one but it seems Lelit don't do a black version.
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