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  1. I changed my method and have been releasing the portafilter like this for the last few days, no more pucks stuck to the screen, brilliant, thank you. I usually pull singles using one of the deep centre baskets with a 41mm tamp and find this method works equally well in this scenario as well as for doubles. Thanks again for all of the replies and tips
  2. Thanks for all of your replies, much appreciated.
  3. Hi I purchased a new Synchronika a few months ago and the machine produces wonderful coffee. The only issue I have is the puck seems to get sucked out of the basket when the brew lever is retuned to the lower position. If I blip the brew lever before releasing the portafilter, the puck is returned to the basket and I normally do this as part of my workflow. This happens all of the time with single and double baskets. I tried increasing/reducing the amount of coffee, varying the grind, tamp pressure etc. Not a big problem as the coffee tastes good, but I'm wondering
  4. I had a similar issue with the pump pressure gauge on my Synchronika, at times, the gauge would not rise above 7 bar and often failed to drop to zero, the problem was intermittent. The UK dealer I purchased the machine from weren't particularly helpful so I checked the capillary tube before ordering a replacement gauge. The part was easy to fit and sorted the problem.
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