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  1. These beans really are different; very pleasant.
  2. It's not so much that it's a nirvana machine; just that a PID (and a better wand) in the PL41TEM model may have tipped the balance in the Anna's favour vs the competition. Availability is important, however the PL41TEM has been in stock in a few places (including at least one you could order from right now) for the last few months; I considered this model before buying a MaraX.
  3. I see, that is a shame; the conclusion of the video may have changed were it not out of stock.
  4. The Lelit Anna model with a PID (Lelit PL41TEM) is under the £500 criteria, I don't know why that wasn't tested instead of the entry model Anna (Lelit PL41EM).
  5. I think the more interesting questions are perhaps a level deeper; - how does familiarity with a particular burr set affect predilection for a particular choice in a blind test (e.g. if a taster only makes coffee at home with a conical, are they subconsciously benchmarking their perception of 'good' against it)? - does the consensus burr preference amongst a group change if brew type and method is taken into account (e.g. percolation vs immersion, espresso vs drip etc) - does the consensus burr preference amongst a group change depending on the particular aromatic qualities of the coffee (measured against the SCA's Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel) ... etc
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