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  1. Specialita order. Looking forward to trying it
  2. Ok great thanks. and the specialita and silenzio are the same without lcd display? Or motors different?
  3. Ok thanks for the reply I think I’m pretty sold on it.
  4. Merry Christmas all. I currently have an iberital mc2 grinder which is great but noisy and quite slow. now I quite like the eureka grinders, my question is will I notice a difference with the eureka yes I’m sure will be quieter and smoother but is it a better grinder? I am sure it is but just want some opinions before I commit to buying one. once again Merry Christmas all.
  5. Nice la Pavoni too. Love the colour
  6. Love the niche grinder. I have the iberital mc2 -noisy tank of a grinder but grinds more than fine enough for what I need. maybe a niche next ....
  7. This is my machine. Love it Had a few espresso machines prior to this then took the leap and bought this in 2017 - stripped it down and replaced all gaskets last year makes a lovely coffee if fiddly you get it right
  8. Thank you. I can’t believe I didn’t find this forum earlier. I’ve had the la Pavoni 3 years lol
  9. I think I’m the new owner of a gaggia......... 😂
  10. I’ve got the pro and double basket and always struggle with basket sizes - how mich do you you guys put in your basket gram wise? I always put 14-14.5g but always seems really full?
  11. Hey. I’m new too I also have the Hario grinder. Great grinder
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