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  1. Agree with others. Think you can get £200-£225 on Ebay. There's usually 2 or 3 Gaggia Classics on at any given point. So keep checking and you'll eventually see one that is of comparable condition and similar year etc. I got my 2003 hardly-used Gaggia Classic for £130 on FB (would have been £150 but I got the train to collect it). Spent £20 on a replacement brass shower screen holder, but the rest cleaned up like new with very little effort. It's my first Gaggia Classic, and only took me 1-2 hours to fully take it apart and re-assemble when I was giving the boiler and all the seals a once
  2. Why does La Pavoni need to be finer?
  3. I just got mine today and am having to do 2.0 full turns to get a good shot. 1.8 or less chokes the machine and is too finely ground. Will have to see how I get on with different beans over the next few days/weeks. Maybe because the burrs are fresh, they grind finer. Maybe I'll need to go finer (1.8 - 1.6) after regular use.
  4. Thanks for the tip! I'll buy those two parts then. Where do you put the PTFE tape? On the join after you've put them together? Or on the thread of the pressure gauge before you screw the gauge to the socket?
  5. Did you manage to get good results with your machine? I think I have the same machine.Cookworks / Sainsbury's Home in the UK. But physically the same at the Capresso EC100 in North America, as you say. How did you take the pressure down from 15 bar to 9 or 10? And did a regular non-pressurised 51mm basket work just fine? Having said all this, I am due to pick up a Gaggia Classic tomorrow haha!
  6. Thanks! And do you just attach this to the portafilter then turn the machne on for a second or two? Does the water just escape through the solanoid valve? Also, is that link I sent up there not just the same as these two parts? (£6.99 and £3.49 respectively) Or is there more to it than that? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rongzou-Pressure-Gauge-40mm-15-300/dp/B085ZY9Y9Y/ref=sr_1_11?dchild=1&keywords=Pressure+Gauge+up+to+14+bar&qid=1599577440&sr=8-11 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-8-NPT-Male-to-1-8-NPT-Female-Straight-Adapter-Blue-/362145644310
  7. Thanks for the info! Just ordered mine for £126 after conversion from USD. Awaiting import tax/VAT costs.
  8. I did use PayPal, but when you go through to pay, PayPal makes you choose what card for them to take the money from you. So instead of using my other bank account, or my credit card, I used my Starling bank card.
  9. Will this pressure gauge fit to the bottom of my standard portafilter? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Portafilter-Pressure-Espresso-Machines-ESPRESS/dp/B00ONTGKNA It says it's 3/8" male connector. I can't find the size of the standard Gaggia Classic portafilter 'hole' (?) listed online.
  10. I just bought the JX-pro direct from 1Zpresso for £126 (incl shipping, but not incl import taxes). Paid in USD and used my Starling current account with no fx charges.
  11. Thanks for the info! Ah, so it's £149 sold from UK by BB. But they're out of stock, as someone else mentioned. Was it £133 direct from 1Zpresso? PLUS the £22 to Fedex? So £155 in total?
  12. What import duty and taxes did people have to pay who have ordered a JX pro direct from 1zpresso have to pay? And someone else mentioned BB that they are partnered with? Who are BB, and are they in the UK? (noobie here sorry)
  13. Hey! Did you find out if there was any other import tax or VAT applied? Did you end up getting it delivered ok? I'm looking to buy one soon!
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