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  1. Never bloody mind that tosh, I'm still aghast at the price Co$ta charge for a cup o' mo!
  2. Crikey, reading this thread I am SERIOUSLY lacking in the facial care department. Mind you, if I had a face like mine, I'd shave my arse and teach it to speak. My 'set up' / 'routine' (what a joke): 1) Whilst having a shower, shave using a Gillette thing with whatever soap the wife has to hand (usually Dove). I shave 'blind' i.e. no mirror using my fingers to feel if close enough - I start with the grain then then against to get closer. Done! Perfect and rarely do I cut myself. No aftershave, moisturizer blah de blah. If I remember I'll look in the mirror - then
  3. increased efficiency = decreased temperature hunting
  4. LOL. Not in my tiny mind: I'm talking about the efficient transference of heat from one body to another and I merely used the example of using thermal paste on a processor to exemplify this. A
  5. 2p's worth: Thermal paste would've been used by the manufacture for very good reason: because the two hard metallic mating surfaces between the thermostat and aluminum boiler casting are not perfectly flat - thermal paste is therefore used to bridge any gaps between the two surfaces which would otherwise be air which is an awful conductor of heat. Hence I'd definitely use it otherwise the thermal characteristics to which your coffee machine was originally designed to will now be different. Think of it like this: you wouldn't replace the heatsink on a processor without replacing the therma
  6. FWIW... The thermostat is a simple on / off temperature controlled switch (with some inherent hysteresis). Couple this with thermal impact (i.e. a time delay for heat dispersal) then such a system will inherently 'hunt' for any given temperature - this thermal model must also include considerations for the power available and the amount of water one wishes to heat (e.g. not enough power and too much water one would never reach a desired temperature etc). Such a simple system as used in 'classic' coffee machines can be improved on of course. There is nothing inherently 'wrong' with th
  7. Nope. I have a DeLonhi conical burr grinder (you can stop laughing now) with which I will be grinding some bean with: I think I might try some Lavazza Super Crema beans first. See if I can cock that up. I 'think' the (one and only) basket that came with the machine in the portafilter handle thing is not a pressurized one? I could be wrong. I say this because the basket is of a simple construction which just has many pin-holes in the bottom of it. It holds 18g of coffee. A
  8. Hey thanks! I can't pretend to know what I'm doing, but it is amazing what a wire brush and some elbow grease did to revive this machine. I live in an area of hard water, so bottles of Volvic water from now on. BTW the machine came as-is, none of the bits & bobs that would've come packaged with it. Got to work out what I need now to get the most out of it (without breaking the bank): e.g. I think the steam wand thing is missing its cover, however it appears people replace them with something else. I've yet to work out why, with what and how etc. Anyway, I digress,
  9. My first 'proper' coffee machine! A very lucky (I think) £50 FaceBay find of a Gaggia 'Classic Coffee' machine (dated: 1999) which "hadn't been used in a while but used to make great coffee": So, tore it down (apologies, I'm an engineer and just can't help myself) to find: So I descaled and clean it all and (like a car engine block) skimmed the boiler tank surface flat: Note the sheared rusty bolt in the first image? All bolts were pretty much rusty so replaced them all and gave the enclosure a proper clean too: Then checked and cleaned all wiring and swit
  10. The coffee making kit I have to hand so far is: DeLonghi Nesspresso 'Latissima Touch' pod coffee machine (for which I have successfully made my own pods for). A DeLonghi burr grinder. For £50 I then I bought a badly scaled and broken second hand Gaggia 'Classic Coffee' (cira 1999), a lucky FaceBay find which I tore down, cleaned and repaired (post coming soon). Thus far I have managed to: a) Make some (espresso?) coffee using pre-ground Lavazza: lovely looking crema which looked like a pint of freshly pulled Guiness. b) Steamed some milk. Poured a) in b
  11. Gaggia Classic. DeLonghi 'Lattissima Touch'. DeLonghi Burr Grinder

  12. Andy Lewis


    Hello everyone Here to learn how to make half decent coffee (Latte / Cappuccino) for the wife. Oh, and for myself ;) Andy
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