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  1. Hi there. I too have the Vario and experienced the issue of the finer settings not being fine enough. For me this wasn’t a problem when I bought the machine but one that developed over time. A bit of research let me to Re-calibrating the machine and the issue is now much better. There’s lots of instructional videos on how to do this and it’s pretty straightforward. best of luck!
  2. Hi all - some really helpful info on this thread and I’m hoping for some input on what I hope will be my final upgrade. I started with a hand grinder and delonghi machine from Argos and then progressed to the Silvia with a Vario grinder. The Silvia ticked all the boxes at the time as I needed a good machine with a small footprint. I have a new house move coming up with much more space to invest in my ‘end game’ machine. My usage is usually 5 flat whites throughout the day and perhaps one or two espressos. I have to admit to experiencing regularly mixed results with espresso at the mo
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