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  1. https://www.ecafe.es/tienda/cafeteras/901-cafetera-espresso-avx-em-db1.html
  2. Wow, poor guys, it's not their design, it's a AVX ( Hungarians) DB machine transformed with the software and the tablet I think. The guys are Spanish, I actually had spoke before with one of them a while ago asking if we could put a PID on my Silvia V6. The real machine it's like in the renders.
  3. Wanted to say hit the sweet spot [emoji16]
  4. God shot it's an expression from Homebarista years ago, I think it's about that perfect shot when you can say you hut the sweet spot [emoji16][emoji16]
  5. I think this is the quintessence of this hobby, in a few words, it's not rocket science either. You described it perfectly.
  6. I really think the most important is the practice, not so much the theory. Pulling shot after shot, trying to change one parameter at a time, trying to get a ratio etc. Use high quality whole beans, look for the zero point in your grinder, where you choke the machine and then start opening it a bit until seeing the first drops and then opening a bit more until you get a mouse tail. Then when you are satisfied keep practicing but don't change for a while the coffee nor touch the grinder. You can of course read books, you'll find good information there, but I think some videos en Youtube and thi
  7. I've seen a video and the conditions of how the poor animals are held are horrendous, to put it mildly. I wouldn't want that coffee not even for free and freshly roasted.
  8. I agree with you, don't fancy the idea of having to do mods and stuff to a new grinder which is not exactly very cheap. I think sometimes we maybe exagerate with many things regarding our gear, like aligning when we're not sure if necessary, descale without having the fantiest idea if necessary or not etc. Why would I think a new grinder doesn't have the burrs aligned? How could someone tell from 2 shots, let's say, one before aligning them and one after, which is better? I wouldn't for sure and I definitely wouldn't touch anything on a new grinder, for that I rather buy second hand. I paid 3
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