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  1. Well, from a DeLonghi KG79 to Niche, honestly, it's like night and day, it cannot really be compared no? They are 2 separate solar systems [emoji28], Niche costs 10 times more I think.
  2. Yes but those from EU who bought it and paid it before 31st of December? the price includes the VAT? Because if it did then now for example in Spain they have to pay the Spanish VAT so in the end they pay 2 VAT? Let alone the customs taxes etc...
  3. A bit too expensive for my taste, I would offer 300£. Now, if it has the Red Speed Lucidate burrs then yes, could be a good price .
  4. The item was sold, can be removed by moderators. Thank you.
  5. I would return it, I know few people who had problems with it. And for me it seems a toy, plastic doesn't give me confidence.
  6. Yes, that's right, I thought the same, had the PID the V6 would have been a very good sale, I would have never bought the Pro! On the other hand I think they wanted to kill two birds with a stone and to make up for the lost time in the field of domestic machines, that's why they came with a DB with PID.
  7. It's a pity the Rancilio Pro is so expensive. I am curious the new V50 grinder how much will be.
  8. I just went for the Silvia Pro instead and for the moment I am happy. Not even 1°C dropped after 3 consecutive shots [emoji2]
  9. Yes, I agree, Rancilio always sinned with the big prices [emoji2].
  10. 548€ is overpriced for you for a V6? I would chose a Silvia over a Gaggia in a blink, there is really no comparison, starting with the materials, steam wand, the group etc. I had both and I would go forever with Rancilio. Honestly, to steam power on the V6 is far better than in many other machines, without naming them .
  11. Well, yes, but many of the ones in the picture are old models. And in Spain they are so cheap second hand, I had bought several for 50€-60€, Majors for 100€ etc, I always thought everything is more expensive in the UK, a different market I think etc.
  12. Well it's rather expensive, or very expensive, they seem old models, around 15 years old or, the highest price I would pay is 80£.
  13. It's from 2012, you can see it on the label.
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