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  1. Oh, and I would happily buy used.
  2. Hi. I want to buy a first grinder and wondered if you wise folk might give me some advice. I’m the only coffee drinker at home, and don’t drink huge amounts - a cup a day or so. I currently use a Hario hand grinder but find it inconsistent so would like to get something a bit better. I currently drink pour-over and sometimes Aeropress coffee, but want to buy an espresso machine in the future. I’d like to get something that can do both - but won’t need to switch between them once I get an espresso machine. I've not got loads of room on work surfaces so can’t get an
  3. Thanks foR getting back to me so quickly. I think that might all be a bit beyond me for the moment so will pass this time. thanks again.
  4. Hi. Newbie here - forgive silly questions. Is this suitable for single shot grinding as it is? also, whereabouts are you in London? thanks
  5. Hi again. Sorry to mess you around but I’ve had second thoughts so am out on this. Good luck with your sale though.
  6. Sorry. Should have said my neighbour’s business is this - I have no financial connection at all. https://exhalecoffee.com
  7. My neighbour has just set up a coffee roasting business and I think it’s great. I’ve become hooked on coffee as a result... im now pining after a better cup. I’m the only one who drinks coffee in my home but I’d really like a better brew. Currently use a mixture of v60 and Aeropress but I’ve found grinding inconsistent with a Hario hand grinder so may buy a small electric grinder soon... Thanks fir welcoming me to the forum.
  8. Sorry. ShoulD have said I’ve got a budget of about £200 and happy to buy second hand.
  9. I’m a newbie here. I’m after a grinder that will work for both pour over, and potentially espresso in the future. Won’t get loads of use but I would love a more consistent coffee!
  10. Thanks have joined finally after lurking for a while.
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