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  1. This is probably all down to me still psychologically adjusting to the need for another grinder and to how much they cost. It's two mental shifts not one.
  2. Thank you. 1. Re a used commercial grinder - sadly I have neither the room, nor Mrs on board on their aesthetics... Re Niche - it's priced at double my budget. Considering the above is a Mignon the best VFM for my budget? Re 3 ("A high flow rate shouldn't require a hotter temperature, just more water through the puck.") - to run more water through the puck I would need a finer grind which I cannot achieve right now.
  3. Good to know that. I bought a GC refurbished by the Gaggia service
  4. A couple of weekends a few years ago when I was getting into French press and a hand-grinder for it. In my fourth weekend now for espresso... Spent the first 90% of the espresso time reading on espresso machines. Then spent the other *90%* reading on grinders...
  5. Thanks. The alternative you proposed (Pavoni/JX-pro) will not cost less than the GC/mignon set up. Time wise you're right they make for a more efficient (and better looking) proposition. But I would still like to complete what I've started with the GC. Any guidance towards that direction?
  6. Hi All, This has been a fantastic source of information for my first steps in pulling espresso shots at home. So, time for my first post. I’m looking at both learning how to pull the best shot I can with this machine plus a grinder in the £200-£300 range (used) and to learn how to appreciate the flavours/taste in such a shot. Personal use so 1-2 double shots per day. My current set up: - a gaggia classic 2004, 1250W, 3-way solenoid, aluminium boiler, Rancilio steam wand; I bought it used once it had been refurbished by gaggia’s uk service (I should be its third user at leas
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