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  1. In the meantime also been looking into tamps (original question!) The head of coffee for EMEA for Sage got back to be and recomended: - a spinner with needles for more consistent WDT - the Clockwork PUSH tamp ===== I think I’ll hunt around for a second hand Clockwork Push tamp as that looks like something my wife also would / could use, and I may upgrade my WDT method later 😋 I’m also still curious about using an Asso Jack distributor (or similar) instead which might distribute and tamp all in one - this puck prep flow seems to have some people loving the cons
  2. Ordered! £30.23 all in (taxes and shipping). Super quick responses. Looking forward to it!
  3. Looks really good!! Thanks for letting us know - I’ll reach out to the Etsy seller about doing another one 🙂
  4. True, doesn’t need to be expensive! I’m using a tiny whisk (kids kitchen), ends cut off and bent round, works great. I’m finding the tricky part is the last step - ideally thinking distribute and tamp all in one (Asso Jack or cheaper option) would work both for consistency, and super easy for wife...
  5. Interesting! Does it effectively tamp too like the Asso Jack can?
  6. Interested in getting as Asso Jack to act as both distributor and tamp, and remove need for current tamp! Might not be “perfect”, but should mean no channelling or spurts with bottomless PF, and a more reliable puck prep flow 🙂
  7. Didn’t realise even you could remove this! That may mean my current funnel works... it’s somewhat tall I think, and I found that trying to push the button with it (sat on top of PF), just knocked off the funnel... may have been because it was too low though! Gonna try this 🙂
  8. Very nice! And £30 seems quite cheap compared to the Decent one... £82 plus potentially import duties! This one looks ideal, please do let us know how you get on 🙂
  9. - Sage Oracle (non-touch) - Mignon Specialita (ignore Breville built-in grinder, might used for decaf) - VST 18g basket Current flow: - grind into PF - put on funnel (too tall for grinder), and WDT with kids kitchen whisk, bottom cut off, and ends bent like Londinium one - few stirs in each direction of WDT - tap on may to settle grounds, remove funnel, grounds mostly flat - a few extra side taps to get mostly flat if needed - tamping with Motta pro tamp (58.5mm?) I’m finding that with a naked PF, it’s pretty good (only a couple of times, no video yet), but a little
  10. So how did you find the Force Tamper? I’m thinking of getting one to use with VST baskets, so 58.5 like you. recommended place to get it from?
  11. I know this is sold, but mine asking why you sold it or what you switched to? Was thinking of getting one of these!
  12. Rocking an Oracle Touch, Barista Hustle pitchers, funnel and homemade WDT tool. Using a professional Motta tamp, but sometimes noticing it may not be level, or inconsistent force. Was originally looking at Decent v3 tamp, but expensive to get here - looked around and came across the Force Tamper - still expensive but great reviews! So - has anyone here used it, and could give any pros/cons? Or any suggested alternatives?
  13. Ahh! Hadn’t realised v1.4 hadn’t even shipped... yeah, figured it was a long shot but thought I’d ask anyway😋
  14. Nvm, I’ll take at asking 🙂
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