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  1. Anyone got any recommendations for grind settings on the baratza virtuoso? I think somewhere between 12 and 15 but will have to test.
  2. I am interested in the virtuoso, how much would it cost to post it to Bristol?
  3. I believe I would be long dead if it wasn't for coffee 😂
  4. theo


    Hi, I am interested in the robot as well! Did you get it from their website or is there a retailer here in the uk?
  5. Hi, I am in a similar situation but I think I will go with a manual machine like the flair.
  6. Hello! I am also new here and a really big supporter of craft culture, so can't wait to try both your coffee!
  7. Hello everyone! I am new here and pretty new to coffee but I am having so much fun so far trying out new things and experimenting! I currently own a v60, an aeropress and a hario grinder. I am looking to buy a better grinder and possibly an espresso machine (manual like flair or robot) sometime in the future (I am a student so it might take some time though xD)
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