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  1. Well that is the thing - it would be good to be able to try different recipes and and profiles so it seems I definitely need a flow control device on the MaraX - there I have convinced myself to "invest" even more money!
  2. Yes, thanks for that - I have just added a post on that thread.
  3. Would like to get a flow control kit for my MaraX. I have discounted the Lelit version as it is just too expensive when you include the manometer and handle - I don't want wood anyway. So it seems that just leaves the Coffee Sensor version, which no-one has in stock at the moment. I see there is a Profitec/ECM version - is this the same and likely to fir the MaraX?
  4. Yes, there are lots of variables so can be quite difficult to predict the outcome. I think it was found that, contrary to popular theory, they were getting a higher EY using the lower pressure, shorter time with up to 1:3 ratio or thereabouts which presumably would require a high-ish flow rate. How that would marry with the MaraX which I understand has a low flow rate and extended PI I am not sure? I think I had better invest in one of the flow control devices rather than just fiddle with the OPV again! Trouble is I am not sure which type works best with the MaraX - the Lelit Bianca version (with the wooden paddle I am not keen on as it would look odd with the other black knobs and is expensive) or the cheaper Coffee Sensor version (which has black knob(s) but seems out of stock at the mo)? The deciding factor would be which provides the smoothest, most accurate and repeatable control? It does seem the Lelit version is very expensive as it really only includes a new restrictor and needle assembly whereas the other version contains the whole "mushroom" assembly! I might start another thread with just that question.
  5. Yes, I take your point about less compression at 6 bar but you are also looking for a higher flow rate so the general consensus seems to be you would need a coarser grind than normal? Lelit responded to my further query with "tech. dept. suggest you could down to 8 bar" - they won't actually answer the question about the actual specification of the OPV. I might just try it - it would just be nice to know whether I am likely to reach 6 bar before I reach the end of the thread on the OPV!
  6. Have been reading up a bit on so called Turbo shots - eg. 15g in, 40g out, <15 secs @ 6 bar - and thought I might try it on the Mara X. So I thought I would ask Lelit support if the specification of the OPV would allow it to be set at, and work at, 6 bar? Their reply: Please be informed that the machine is supplied with the factory set OPV. If you want to adjust it, we kindly ask you to hear your reseller's opinion as he is in charge for the warranty. We remain at your complete disposal Which is a bit laughable - yes, it was "factory set" - to around 11 bar so I have already had to adjust it to a more sensible value! They did reply promptly but that is quite easy to do with a "standard" zero information response of course! So I just wondered if anyone has any thoughts or actually tried it? The long PI on the Mara X might not be suitable anyway?
  7. Exactly. If I could rely on having a choice of repairers, possibly even locally, or being able to obtain spares for DIY repairs then I probably would still own the Sage Oracle - as I can't, I don't! At the moment, I already know how to re-build my E61 group head, replace the pump, adjust the OPV valve (just done that again actually) along with a multitude of other possibilities along with where to obtain the spare parts I might need (hopefully not for a while!)
  8. Yes, I was aware but decided to take a punt - only doing 2 or 3 max shots a day so it might last a while? I wanted the dose by weight facility and this seemed the only option at a not to extortionate price as well as producing a good quality output - so far it's pretty good. It does sound like you are cutting steel pipe with an angle grinder though BUT it is very quick
  9. I know, that was not my point. If you buy a genuine Breville (Sage here) product in most of the rest of the world then it seems likely that you can expect far superior back up than you get with the UK distributors AKA Sage! I won't get started on that one except to say, for example, Mazda and Hyundai UK both strip their cars of some options which are standard in other markets! We are not known as "Treasure Island" for nothing!
  10. OK, I KNOW this is an old thread but I have found it using Google -"switch beeps off on Myweigh Barrista scale" and I ended up here! Hopefully anyone doing a similar search will find the following info helpful? I have been looking for a while as my Sage Oracle (with built in timer) has been returned for a refund and my new Lelit Marax does not have one of course. I particularly wanted scales with an auto-start timer - tried the Hero ones from Amazon but the auto-timer did not work properly so I ended up with the Myweigh ones which looked decent if a bit bigger than I wanted. I was not going to shell out hundreds to get the most popular variety especially as I already have a version of the weighing system built into my Baratza Sette 270Wi grinder! They arrived today and they do look very well made with the assurance that you can actually rinse them under the tap if needed - nice, but I don't think I will try it! Then I tried them out - WTF thought that a continuous beep every 2 seconds would be useful - what planet are they on? It would make me want to chuck them out the window the second time I used them! Checked the manual - nothing about turning them off - so it looks like they are going back. Then I checked the manual linked further up in this thread - that had an extra section "Timer Warning Setting" which is not in the printed manual I got in the box? So I tried it out and set the timer to 3 minutes - whoopee, it now does not do the continuous bleeping and only starts to make a noise when it has counted up to the pre-set time. Luckily it is a count-up and does not do count-down and I am never going to reach 3 minutes on an espresso extraction! OK, so far so good. Then I noticed a section in my printed manual (V18) which is not in the on-line one! This is "Timer Mode Selection" and states that you switch on then press and hold "Tare" for 3 seconds which will show the result - AAAA for auto mode and FFFF for manual mode To change the mode just repeat the button presses. What this means is the timer is supposed to stop when you remove your cup from the scale - not really that useful and when I tried it was a bit hit and miss. But then I had a further play with the thing and I found that in auto timer mode if you just lightly tap the weighing platform with your fingernail, as you stop the shot, then the timer stops AND you can then remove your cup from the platform and BOTH the time and weight values are frozen on the display - MOST useful! Simply press the Timer button to reset all to zero and you are ready for the next shot! It does fit nicely on the Lelit when combined with an extra couple of thin rubber pads on the base it sits stable with the display overhanging the front of the drip tray and well clear of the E61 exhaust port. So, it looks like a keeper. The only real complaint is I wish the display was a bit brighter - I have been using a little timer puck which is very nice with a huge bright blue on black display - only trouble is that it auto dims after a couple of seconds and is totally illegible with light coming in the adjacent window. The Barrista scales are still just legible under the same conditions but would be better with a bit more contrast applied! Perhaps there are some secret button presses for that? Anyway, hope that info might be useful to someone.
  11. Well true I suppose although I think most of the Sage stuff looks very smart, and reasonably well built, in a domestic environment. I think it is a great shame they sold off the Breville name in this part of the world as, from past experience, that now has connotations of cheap Chinese low quality products and rather taints the, rest of the world, Breville (Sage) products for me. I know the "genuine" Breville/Sage products are also manufactured in China but they do seem to adopt a higher quality requirement than others. The problem with Sage UK as I see it is they give you a 2 year warranty and generally replace the machine if it develops a major fault but after that they generally do not sell spares to Joe public and fob you off to a 3rd party repair company for service requirements who also won't supply spares. Ordering bits from Australia is not really an option!
  12. Yes, that's a thought. Now they would get a lot of takers with that!
  13. Maybe it is BECAUSE they are known for their excellent 3 year warranty promise and that attracts repeat customers? If they could have supplied my new kit I would have bought it from them in a heartbeat especially as they price-match. Presumably not too high a percentage of purchasers actually invoke the refund option and I assume they just dump it back to Sage to refurb or whatever? It does feel quite re-assuring to know that if the equipment does develop a fault and/or does not live up to expectations (hype) after a while then you can either get a replacement machine or opt out!
  14. I have had the Oracle for 15 months. It has mostly made acceptable-ish coffee but never "wow". I was starting to get a little concerned regarding the reliability and especially the availability of spares and repairs in view of some of the stories on this and other forums. However my main dislike is the lack of consistency in the shots - I generally only have 2 coffees a day, one before breakfast, my wake-up shot, with a second after breakfast and have been using the same bean for quite a while (Kenyan). The first shot is usually pretty good but the second one nearly always has a faster flow/shorter time and is obviously mediocre to say the least and sometimes is tipped away and I have another go which will usually produce a better shot but never as good as the first of the day? On occasions I may brew another in the afternoon and that can be pot luck as to the result. I always keep the machine clean, back-flushed with and without Puly Caf and it has been descaled regularly along with regular grinder cleaning. The last couple of weeks I have started to notice an increasing amount of grounds actually in the bottom of my cup and I can only assume that the grinder is producing a lot of "dust" particles of coffee which actually make it through the basket into the cup? I also noticed the centre shaft holding the lower bur seems to have quite a bit of side play in the bearing. Hmm, warranty repair looming it seems. So, I did a bit of research and decided I would take advantage of Lakelands absolutely fantastic CS and warranty and return the unit for a refund. 2 days before they collected it I took delivery of a Lelit Mara X E61 machine plus a Baratza Sette 270Wi dose weighing grinder! A bit of a steep learning curve but the first thing I noted was that the shots are consistent! The other advantage is that spares are readily available and some are even "industry standard" (e.g. the 58m portafilter has standard fittings so you are not obliged to purchase a replacement from the original manufacturer - unlike Sage, which uses a 58mm portafilter with their own fixing lug configuration so you cannot shop around). They are also fairly easy to work on if you have a modicum of technical ability - I have already adjusted the OPV valve on the Lelit as it was set a bit high ex factory. Anyway, quite happy with my decision so far and although I now have 2 machines on the worktop the overall space taken up is actually a bit less than the Oracle was using partly due to the fact that both machines are less than 400mm high and can be freely located beneath the kitchen wall cupboards as well as the fact that the Lelit is very narrow and compact. I had to invest getting on for £200 extra on the £1300 refund for the Sage which was not too much of a shock and seems to be less than most are selling the Oracle at!
  15. My OZ seems to be working quite well now it has settled down (apart from the paint!) - refilling the reservoir on average twice a day for our usage - 2 persons - Oracle espresso machine (only about 1 litre/day) + teas etc. I am a bit unsure whether to use filtered or tap water in the OZ? My tap water has a TDS of about 142 at the moment. My filter tap (fed through a Calmag R1 - carbon + ion exchange resin) is producing a higher TDS of about 154 but it definitely tastes less metallic and softer. I understand that this is because it is converting most of the Calcium and Magnesium to Sodium. The water from the OZ is reading about 35 TDS so obviously the final filter brick is adding a small amount of minerals back. So, what I am wondering is which type of water is going to be kinder to the filters and membrane in the OZ - the Calcium + Magnesium rich tap water or the Sodium rich filtered water?
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