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  1. I'll try cleaning my grinds cup more vigorously. I get clinging to the 'bulge' behind the spout. Anyone else get that?
  2. Lid cover options: https://www.hilltop-products.co.uk/tapered-natural-cork-stopper-bungs-size-133-5mm-140mm.html?utm_source=google_shopping&ppc_keyword=&atrkid=V3ADW1A4763C1_45045777064_pla-297612067635__170050851794_g_m_pla__&gclid=CjwKCAjwvMqDBhB8EiwA2iSmPJ5z70GR_Md5j_S0SXvcHTg5WhAMlsEG3_w0StEMPzQ6ri3tfu-V5RoCNjEQAvD_BwE Expensive, but very chunky. Or a cheaper option... https://www.bodum.com/gb/en/11779-109b-basics?gclid=CjwKCAjwvMqDBhB8EiwA2iSmPPesxoGmVtcWnIs-HOQAP1qS49u4haHxfpLgC3x-fthwchNGx5z-jxoCS0IQAvD_BwE I'm also now looking at using cor
  3. Random observation. The Clever Dripper fits perfectly inside the 1kg Airscape (8" diameter I think). Maybe a simpler option to find something that size/ shape. Also thinking plenty of people make tea cosies on Etsy - might be something that can be commissioned.
  4. @Kjk @Like Medium Strong Coffee ditto - looking for something more bespoke. Also think I'd never be allowed to leave it out in the kitchen for as long as necessary. Once the template works it should be quite easy.
  5. Do you wrap it in anything? Do you pre-heat your mug? My mug gets about 50s in the microwave to make sure it is warm enough not to suck the heat out the coffee. Kind of... I am thinking of getting a pack of these from IKEA: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/heat-pot-stand-cork-87077700/ Cutting a slot in it so the lid handle fits in snuggly and then trim it to the same size at the lid. Might be a disaster, but for £2 I'll give it a go. For the 'wrap' I am thinking some neoprene. Seems to be referred to as plain sponge neoprene - so not the rubberised stuff. Thicknes
  6. The bottom trivet is more to protect the CD from the cold work surface. Old house and this recent cold snap has reminded me what a difference it makes. It is slightly warm to the touch after a 30min steep. Cork seems to be a very good insulator. Im coming off the back of a bad cold (wonderfully mundane good old fashioned cold and not COVID) so got some beans arriving tomorrow hopefully. Never seems worth it when I'm totally bunged up.
  7. @Kjk Good work. It makes a surprising difference. I'm currently on 1TT folded 2/3 times wrapped round and tucked in handle. 1 cork trivet underneath. 1 cork trivet on top. 1TT covering the whole lot. Really helps on 30min+ steeps I've also done a template for a 'jacket' I'm tempted to make out of neoprene - but I can't bring myself to actually buy it and make it. Yet.
  8. Looks good. Did you have to do anything else to the machine or was the drilling and tapping to the fittings?
  9. A nice industrial look to the range.... Would look good alongside a lot of coffee machines...
  10. Did anyone know much about/ own a Rowlett toaster? They look great and look to be made in the UK. Being able to select the number of slots on at any one time and a complete lack of any fancy functions needing PCBs etc etc real appeal to me.
  11. A friend recommended Roastery Hope Coffee based in Bishops Stortford. Mr Thiego was very helpful and as he roasts to order, he'll happily discuss your preferred roast level with you. (April beans!) I also got a ROK dosing funnel, which will save a lot of hassle and mess! It also fits perfectly over my 3 cup Moka basket, which is a bonus!!
  12. @MWJB Cheers. I'll try that and report back. I am going to up my insulation game (lockdown has done bad things to me) with a neoprene wrap and my MiL might be knitting a tea cosy type thing too.
  13. I seem to remember comments about whether there is just 'scum' or scum and grounds on the side of the filter after draw down. Maybe I'm going mad. The parameters for this were: 32 on niche. 19.5g + 300ml water Straight off boil into warm CD > 100ml > coffee > rest of water. Dab top with back of spoon to make sure all under. Lid on. Wrap in tea towel. Leave for 30mins. Single continuous drain into pre-warmed mug until dry bed. Flavours slightly muted, hint of bitterness. But generally totally drinkable. They are Ethiopian, so I know I've got po
  14. I'm sure I read somewhere @MWJB taking about the difference in what the filter looks like between a clever and something else, but now I can't find it. Anyways, given I'm constantly wondering if 'this' is the best it (said coffee) can taste, it niggled. I know the answer will be 'if you like how it tastes, don't worry about it' ... But can anything be inferred from the look of this?!?
  15. @BadgerBean Sounds like the ideal journey! What is it about the machine that makes it so temp stable (given common comments on HX machines/ your mention of cooling flushes)? Is it one of the modifications you mention, or machine design?
  16. @Mrb2020 It's a shame you think the PID is pretty useless. To be honest, I am still trying to weigh up the pros and cons of the various machine types to find what is best for me. If you're in Ipswich have you tried: https://thecoffeemod.com/ ? I haven't yet, but they are on my list.
  17. Well that's good given the price!
  18. What is the steaming like on the Cremina? It looks like the steaming on this is much the same as the Pavoni - so limited? EDIT: when I say much the same, I mean the principle of a small, direct fill, boiler. I am not sure if we know what steaming capability the Vectis will have, but surely if someone can bring a better 'steam game' to one of these machines at this price point it will open up a much wider market?
  19. Should all be here: https://www.odysseyespresso.com/gallery
  20. Good to see a pressure gauge in the gallery, although I wonder how that would work if you're rotating the lever? Looks very 'testy' than final product.
  21. The Vecits remains high on my 'to be considered' list when it comes to levers. I've got time, so will wait to see what the second half of this year brings. If it steams milk well, then it could be a very strong contender.
  22. It looks very nice. I like the fact the gallery has a lot of stripped down photos on it. You get to see the insides. Would like to see a video of the lever clevis rotating 180 degrees. I couldn't see a price anywhere?
  23. Useful, thanks. Has it got the PID? I had thought that was meant to help. Also just noticed your Butterworths breans - how do you find them? Might need to try them again, past experience was mixed.
  24. Even better, I'll take a look, cheers!
  25. Really nice. What's the portafilter stand next to the niche? Looks good and compact/ helpful cubby hole.
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