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  1. The outboard/ separate water tank is irritating me a surprising amount. The machine itself is very tempting, but that might rule it out. Still interested to see where the price ends up.
  2. Looks great. The externally adjustable expansion valve is interesting - what is this adjusting? Is it the OPV? Would this be 'true' pressure profiling?
  3. I also don't care for fancy packaging. I don't want to be made to feel like I'm buying fancy beans because of the packaging, I'd like the beans to speak for themselves. Sustainability is a bonus. Ultimately all my beans go into an airscape, so the packaging doesn't need to do any more than get the beans to me and not fall apart resting in a cupboard. I don't store for longer/ freeze. I do like the cards some roasters (like Django) do. My memory is shockingly bad, so the cards are an easy way to remember what I've had before (and perhaps jot a note down of what I liked/ didn't like about them). Personally I don't need them to be fancy glossy printed things, they could be black ink on non-bleached recycled card and that would be fine.
  4. So (ignoring the strainer for a second) do more smaller pours increase extraction? It is interesting to see how things change across drippers, but also seems helpful to be able to change extraction depending on bean. If changing grind is less preferred, then changing the number/ size of pours is easy too. I don't understand the fundamentals well enough yet, but getting the 'best' out of each bean could mean changing brew method slightly. I'm making lots of assumptions here but haven't got time to write them all down. Probably wouldn't make much sense either.
  5. Do you think it was more not closing the valve that decreased the extraction, or do more smaller pours extract less? Does the can strainer make much of a difference as opposed to direct pour? Next, how about the Melitta ceramic and then the Bartlett? Do you have a different recipe for the different number of holes?
  6. I've got nothing of value to add to the grinder discussion, but this last comment 😂 my parents too, verbatim!
  7. Thanks @DavecUK this is fantastically helpful. I have time, so will see what happens through to the end of the year. Your comment on shot pressure is an interesting one. Your comments on the steam boiler are very helpful and reassuring.
  8. This is exactly what I'm thinking. If I only need to steam milk at weekends/ when friends are over, then am I better with something like this and a Cino (or similar) OR a dual boiler that I simply keep the stream boiler switched off on for the majority of the time. Having water sitting in a boiler for that time doesn't seem to be a good thing from what I've read. Also, depending on the price of the Puristica, it could be a cheaper combination than a dual boiler.
  9. Is there any more of an update on this machine? Anyone seen any rumours or heard/ asked ECM direct recently?
  10. I've got the top set too, non-rechargeable. Branded as 'On Balance - Envy' Had them since May 2020 and still going fine. I certainly don't year them with kid gloves. I liked the look of these, but limited to 300g so only good for espresso. http://www.salterhousewares.co.uk/salter-precision-digital-scale.html These go to 500g: http://www.salterhousewares.co.uk/kitchen-117/kitchenscales/all-kitchen-scales/salter-precision-mini-digital-kitchen-scales.html I remembered the website I originally came across with lots of scales on: https://www.dalman.com/ If you see one that meets your needs you can Google it and you'll get all the other re-brand names.
  11. @MWJB I totally agree with the 'try and see comment' - I do need to be more experimental. I have however realised I don't have anything large enough to brew in to. Looking at carafes you hit £40 pretty quickly and it isn't a priority at the moment. Not sure I can juggle two side by side, but quick succession should be okay. What method/ recipe do you use at 37:420g?
  12. What recipe do you use @Bicky? I've recently got in to v60 and am starting to explore 2cup brews. Although I don't have anything large enough to decant from, so might just brew in succession rather than spend money on a carafe.
  13. Agreed. I was at c.93 too - although the best I can do description wise is "a definite jump in tastiness" - really nice. Dry bed at c.3:53 - do you end TBT at dry bed? I am very surprised I've got all the way to 93 from 45 originally. Might do one at 45 tomorrow just to remind myself what it takes like. If I want to make two cups, does this scale?
  14. That's a fascinating insight. Are you testing all of these on a refractometer? It is interesting how when you start, something can taste alright, good even, and then you head in the right direction and the context changes how you view/ think about all your previous brews. I've got to work on my 2-cup brews once I get this sorted. BTW, my beans are Banka (China) from Django.
  15. Cheers - that's helpful and sounds good. I think coarser might be the way to go after a try at c.82 earlier today. On your video I also noticed that you didn't rinse the filter before pouring. Do you normally not rinse?
  16. c.85 on Niche - dry bed at c.3:50 Early pours still a bit fast. Slower means the water dribbles a bit, I don't know if this is a bad thing or not. Certainly heard the first drips into the cup a lot sooner than before. Quite a different taste. Will back off a little on the grind later today and see what that's like. I am hesitant to wonder at this stage if under extracted. A couple more questions - water temp and v60 temp. Water temp: How important is water temp? I don't have any way to know exactly what the water temp is. I wait for it to boil and then it has from the hob to the other side of the (small) kitchen before I pour immediately. v60 temp: As mine is ceramic I stick it in the microwave for a minute to warm it up. Does it need to be piping hot? Any hotter and I'll need to wear an oven glove I think. It does cool relatively quickly.
  17. I'm drinking a naughty late cup after just getting home as I've not had one today and need it to get through bedtime! I was at c.75 and dry bed was a bit before, 4:12ish. Pour times were better, but early ones still a struggle. 350g water in kettle. Certainly fewer over extracted tastes, but if anything flavours seem maybe a little more muted. I'll try again in the morning. Do you ever agitate at all, either at the beginning to help wet all grounds, or just after the final pour?
  18. That's fantastic, thank you @MWJB - I'll stick to the 33g/30s pour for now and go much coarser on the grind. I'm not at home today, so will have to try tomorrow. I'll practice a little more and then I might try doing a video - but I think there is enough to think about for the time being!
  19. So I have purposefully avoided V60 until now as I knew it was a rabbit hole I could easily lose a lot of time, I wasn't sure I had, down. However, that all changed when I was gifted (a ceramic) one. It isn't a Hario. I was left with no choice but to get some filters and a gooseneck kettle (I just got a cheap Melitta) and give it a go. I simply wait until the kettle is boiling and then start the first pour as soon as possible as the beans I've had are light-medium. Well thankfully I have been pretty pleased and it is nice if for nothing more than 'mixing it up' away from my CCD and moka pot. However consistency is a struggle. To start with I have tried two methods to get a feel for things. Method 1: @MWJB's from here:- I have tried this at 40/45/50 on the Niche. Method 2: Again I have tried this method across 40/45/50 grind setting on the Niche. These are very different recipes and I've got to the point where I'm not really sure how to refine a method to get consistency. 40 on the Niche seemed too fine on both - was getting bitter notes and a bit of the paracetamol taste. If I didn't swirl/ agitate on the Sprometheus method then I didn't get the paracetamol taste, but the flavours were poor. I think I am getting somewhere grinding coarser, but to be honest already feel like I am shooting in the dark. The consistency isn't there, more so on the MWJB method, but even when I get my timing right across brews on the same day the taste seems noticeably different. Are there any ground rules or an approach to refining a method I can use, which I can track more easily? Cheers
  20. Completely agree with the above. Absolutely no need for anything other than a bog standard kettle.
  21. So, perhaps unsurprisingly, my preferred methods are as follows having had a few beans through. Method 1a: 60g/l = 18g @32 on Niche + 300ml water 250ml in + coffee + remaining water. Slight stir if not all wet. Steep for 30min, wrapped in a couple of TTs and a cork trivet on top. Method 1c: As above but at 60+min steep. Observations: The longer you can leave it the better. The flavour seems more balanced. I do need to work on my insultation. I like the CCD a lot, so I think I'll pursue insulating better rather than moving over to an insulated French Press. The longest I left it to brew was 1hr 45mins, which was not planned. But with a hot mug it was drinkable and a decent temperature. Method 2: 85g/L = 25.5g @80-90 on Niche + 300ml water (Niche grind range partly due to it not being on the scale) 250ml in + coffee + remaining water. Slight stir if not all wet. 1-2min steep. Observations: I ended up at c.85 on the Niche, I couldn't tell much difference adjusting the grind size around there. Flavours were good - always interesting to compare to the long steep on the same beans. I did tend to stir slightly as a matter of course. For me these methods give me the options I need with enough consistency so I can brew long or short depending on what's going on.
  22. Great to hear you've rediscovered a way you live to make coffee - it's always fun and rewarding! How much have you played with the grind setting? I know CCD is very different, but depending on method I go up to 85 on my niche. Have you seen this Hoffman video on French press? Your method looks very similar other than the stirring. Wondering if you might get even better results missing that step?
  23. I've had the ROK espresso GC since April 2020 and I can't recommend it any more. It is too much of a faff and too finely balanced on getting a decent shot. You'll waste a lot of water pre-heating. Inevitably you won't want to reboil water used for warming, especially if you're doing back to back shot, as it also flushes out any final remnants. The shower screen is very poor. Always gets residue on it. (Unless you dose very low - which mean you're limited on double shot sizes) You end up having to take it out to clean it properly - which means if you're wanting more than one shot you have to re-heat it between shots. Then there's the balance - a tiny spurt out of the point where the PF meets the seal and the shot is poor. I thought this was me for a while, but no matter how much I cleaned the shower screen the grind one day for a decent shot would be different the next. No consistency. It can make decent espresso, but always feels more like a gamble using it than a reliable method.
  24. I've got a FrankGreen with the internal ceramic coating and it keeps my coffee plenty hot enough for the 1.5-2hrs between making and drinking in the morning. Also seems to be no discernible impact on flavour.
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