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  1. I'll try all the water and not sinking the grinds too. I am guessing this affects the level of extraction if the water is cooling whilst some of the grinds have not been submerged yet? i.e. the last grinds to submerge/ sink extract less than those earlier as the water is cooler. Does this affect extraction to a noticeable extent (not necessary taste, but if you are measuring with a VST)? P.S. Where do you get your Size 6 papers from? This is pretty much the only place I can find: https://www.hrhiggins.co.uk/product/accessories/accessories-for-coffee/filter-papers-size-6
  2. @DavecUK All assumptions and limitations acknowledged. This is a brilliant answer thank you.
  3. I put it down as commercial due to plumb only and the 5ltr boiler. Not just the time taken to heat up, but the time to get through 5ltr! Assuming a few drinks a day, all that boiling and re-boiling can't be good can it? At some point I will get around to doing the actual table with spring configurations, portafilter size and boiler size. But just haven't had a chance.
  4. @DavecUK On the Odyssey, I don't understand how it can be spring or manual reliably is such a small space. It also looks like a small group, so a small single spring? They way the group is attached to the boiler also seems... flimsy? But maybe a small single sitting doesn't need much. So given all the talk about single springs, will it have the grunt needed? @MediumRoastSteam @The Systemic KidK In March a chancer email to Reiss returned that the tool maker was making the dies for forge the group. This seems like a big deal. There must be a certain amount of
  5. Bingo - exactly why I asked th question. I've noted your comments on aggitation and bitterness before so wondered if some implements were better than others. On my long steeps I'm currently 50%ish water then coffee, then the rest of the water to cover/ sink etc. I'll dig my paddle out and have a go tomorrow.
  6. Thanks I'll give it a try. Have you found that what you use to stir makes a difference? Perhaps a difference in the amount of aggitation?
  7. I bought the bodum trivets and they are a perfect size. I think having one on top makes a noticeable difference to the heat of the brew on long steeps. The wrap will have to wait. Simply do not have time at the moment. Back to recipes.... For those that really enjoy long steeps, have you experimented with finer grinds on shorter steeps to increase extraction? I am totally in a comfort zone with 30-45min steeps and want a 5min option, but don't want to sacrifice extraction completely.
  8. I'll try cleaning my grinds cup more vigorously. I get clinging to the 'bulge' behind the spout. Anyone else get that?
  9. Lid cover options: https://www.hilltop-products.co.uk/tapered-natural-cork-stopper-bungs-size-133-5mm-140mm.html?utm_source=google_shopping&ppc_keyword=&atrkid=V3ADW1A4763C1_45045777064_pla-297612067635__170050851794_g_m_pla__&gclid=CjwKCAjwvMqDBhB8EiwA2iSmPJ5z70GR_Md5j_S0SXvcHTg5WhAMlsEG3_w0StEMPzQ6ri3tfu-V5RoCNjEQAvD_BwE Expensive, but very chunky. Or a cheaper option... https://www.bodum.com/gb/en/11779-109b-basics?gclid=CjwKCAjwvMqDBhB8EiwA2iSmPPesxoGmVtcWnIs-HOQAP1qS49u4haHxfpLgC3x-fthwchNGx5z-jxoCS0IQAvD_BwE I'm also now looking at using cor
  10. Random observation. The Clever Dripper fits perfectly inside the 1kg Airscape (8" diameter I think). Maybe a simpler option to find something that size/ shape. Also thinking plenty of people make tea cosies on Etsy - might be something that can be commissioned.
  11. @Kjk @Like Medium Strong Coffee ditto - looking for something more bespoke. Also think I'd never be allowed to leave it out in the kitchen for as long as necessary. Once the template works it should be quite easy.
  12. Do you wrap it in anything? Do you pre-heat your mug? My mug gets about 50s in the microwave to make sure it is warm enough not to suck the heat out the coffee. Kind of... I am thinking of getting a pack of these from IKEA: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/heat-pot-stand-cork-87077700/ Cutting a slot in it so the lid handle fits in snuggly and then trim it to the same size at the lid. Might be a disaster, but for £2 I'll give it a go. For the 'wrap' I am thinking some neoprene. Seems to be referred to as plain sponge neoprene - so not the rubberised stuff. Thicknes
  13. The bottom trivet is more to protect the CD from the cold work surface. Old house and this recent cold snap has reminded me what a difference it makes. It is slightly warm to the touch after a 30min steep. Cork seems to be a very good insulator. Im coming off the back of a bad cold (wonderfully mundane good old fashioned cold and not COVID) so got some beans arriving tomorrow hopefully. Never seems worth it when I'm totally bunged up.
  14. @Kjk Good work. It makes a surprising difference. I'm currently on 1TT folded 2/3 times wrapped round and tucked in handle. 1 cork trivet underneath. 1 cork trivet on top. 1TT covering the whole lot. Really helps on 30min+ steeps I've also done a template for a 'jacket' I'm tempted to make out of neoprene - but I can't bring myself to actually buy it and make it. Yet.
  15. Looks good. Did you have to do anything else to the machine or was the drilling and tapping to the fittings?
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