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  1. What's your budget ? ...or what will the significant other "allow" you to part with ?
  2. No disrespect but that maybe the thing that's possibly holding you back/not helping.....don't get me wrong, i love Open Source et al, but sometimes you just have to pay-the-man to get what you want, if you get my gist.....free can sometimes equal "limiting/limited-features" IMO....YMMV
  3. click the "arrow" in the top right hand corner.
  4. Coffee Italia offered an "incentive" of 2.5% off the retail price iirc if you paid via "bacs/money-transfer/bank"....whilst this looked good in reality it was their way of making sure you couldn't claim/retract/bounce "ALL" your money back from them when they didn't come through (and they don't)....you'd no-doubt "eventually" get your money back/refunded .....BUT....MINUS....their "handling fee/charge/re-stocking fee" bullshit that they use....they know that using a Credit Card in conjunction with a Section 75 gets them jack-shit when "you get all your money back" via your CC....they can't say
  5. @mikado Hi, i tried to PM the original author who made these in acrylic with a laser cutter; but he moved to Australia....i haven't had a reply from him so i assume he no longer comes on the forum...shame really as i'd gladly pay for a laser-cut acrylic version.....i have already printed a paper version ready to "laminate" before fitting to my Major when i get round to doing the other things i've got lined up to do....just need to pull my finger out lol.
  6. You just couldn't make this stuff up...it beggers belief...you can just make out the dint in the black box...but how in 7 holy hells did it manage to get whacked in that OVERKILL (well obviuosly it wasn't overkill as it's damaged) of a box plus all that small-rain-forrest of packaging. 😵
  7. @Ilias questions above....also which CAD program/s are you using and which slicer ?
  8. I was going to buy a Lelit Bianca or a Crem One DB-PID from them....2 lots of "clear" messages left (on seperate days)....no reply came the answer. I assumed my money wasn't good enough; so i took my money elsewhere...not knocking them; just dissapointed that's all. So OP i'd say yes; they do have a very good reputation and even i wouldn't hesitate on recommending them as a retailer for your Lelit.
  9. Hi Zeegergcd it's Daniel Wong if i'm not mistaken...he sends the kit in little velvety bags....it's the little things Sent from my Dell E6220 using TapaNoTalk
  10. What, what, what's that, i think Sent from my Dell E6220 using TapaNoTalk
  11. Hi Ryan, .....i can't believe i missed this thread (started before i joined) and here i thought i'd searched out everything.....WOW just WOW 😎 Sent from my Dell E6220 using TapaNoTalk
  12. @Sam_d Yeah i can do that....i took some piccies the 1st time they arrived and i whipped them apart (i was trying to see if they were the BT version but disabled) and for the life of me i can't find the bloody pictures....should've used a proper camera instead of a POS tablet. Just looked on fleabay and a 5000mA (that's 5 Amps in real money) are averaging £12 ...bargain 😎 Sent from my Dell E6220 using TapaNoTalk
  13. @ken0062 Mine didn't have this much adhesive on my load cell; but saying that i wasn't having any accuracy problems either....i suppose you may have got a Friday afternoon or Monday morning version as our friends across the pond would say. Good that you've fixed them....for the price (£39) (11 days) i can't argue with them and as stated elsewhere if i only get a year out of them then i consider that a win win win. I'm going to order a bigger Amp (less time between re-charging) battery from fleabay as there is bags of space for one; just needs some of that "plastic casing plastic" Dremmeli
  14. I doubt it...the other occupant's she's already buried there would have something to say, i'm sure
  15. ....and what's wrong with the 65E ?
  16. Hi and welcome to the forum....i wasn't a member a year ago either; chances are i'd have said hello. Try not to read into it; my 1st "Hello" post also went un-answered, it didn't stop me though, i plodded on regardless. Fora are a strange beast and they are all likeable/annoying to some degree. I suppose it depends on what you want out of a forum that dictates your level of interaction/lack of. Some come and are "read-only" and some are "read-write"; some stay for a short while/purpose whilst others become part of the furniture. Fora i've also found contain one of the following or a combo :- s
  17. Why ? * Because it's a Eureka ? * Because it has 65mm burrs ? * All of the above ? * None of the above/other ?
  18. When you fix your hopper full/empty issue you'll have to let us know the burning question....does the coffee you made with it taste like Starbucks ?
  19. Not too bad considering you used an Ender 3....did you try ABS ? or any other filament types ? ....Carbon Fibre mmmmm. Quite surprised the Chinese haven't copied and flooded the market; there's time yet though.
  20. Hi Tim, r.e. "taking apart" well that's easy/hard depending upon how good/confident you are with some basic "hand-tools"....my Major's bottom "base-plate" felt like it had been put on by a Gorilla, so it was a PITA to remove (brand-new FWIW). As for fitting "new burrs" straight away then i'd say yeah go for it; they cost peanuts and it's idiot proof to fit/replace them....check this video out (click me to see) there's one prize idiot right there showing how easy it is.....don't leave your grinder plugged into the mains like this plonker did whilst your doing it. Best of luck...let us
  21. No i'm afraid not...the part shown is a "generic" 16x2 LED/LCD/OLED display...it NEEDS the other board (sometimes called a daughter board) that is ATTACHED to the display....you can bet your bottom dollar that the "daughter" board is made under licence (probably by Bottocchio) and the firmware/software is "unique" to THAT particular daughter board....look very carefully at the OP's pictures and you can clearly see that it is a 2-board arrangement....the display board/pcb will (from past experience) will outwardly resemble the one in the fleabay link but it will more than likely have "slight-al
  22. and that's why they are (or used to be) one of the biggest business's in the world.
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