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  1. 150 five star (not 2, 3 or 4 ?) reviews in 2 days....come on; are you telling us that "every" one of those customers ALL decided to join TrustPilot (which ain't as easy as it looks; phone verification and "time" etc.) within 48hr of being asked (allowing for a few who were already registered) and the PITA that TrustPilot is to use, none of them got fed-up/walked-away/other....as stated it's a bit of a coincidence (read: too good to be true)....IF they had been SPREAD over time then it would have looked a tad more believable; but i'm not buying that 150 customers all decided to post (5*) within
  2. Hi and welcome to the forum ๐Ÿ˜‹.....there are plenty of good people on here who will give you some good advice......for me at that price range i (bought) a Rok GC hand grinder...some love it and some hate it....it's a minefield out there....good luck with whatever you purchase. Love the user name....self explanatory i suppose....future missus says i should change mine to Grumpy or Arsehole
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum, i hope you enjoy your stay...nice upgrades and even nicer end result ๐Ÿ˜Ž FWIW i once owned a Tassimo
  4. i'll still buy some either way...the ones i got (2 sets) were only a temporary stop-gap until i got used to my machine/grinder/other....i will get whatever you say are the very best in your opinion/past-experience....the funds at the time had to be divided between things for SWMBO and my hobbies ...now i have some more spending money; so i will go a spending (unless you say there is no need). FWIW with the POS scales (i do have at the moment) measure 16.5g in (i appreciate this maybe 16.4 or 16.6 in reality) but i do get 16.5g out +/- the 0.1 (which as you stated may not be the actual tru
  5. My scales must be off...although that does now give me an excuse to buy some that are more accurate and have a better resolution....this forum is hazardous to one's bank-balance
  6. ...sorry my inner child couldn't help it with a reference like that. Offset that ยฃ44 shipping (which isn't bad considering, speed, distance etc. etc.) and bear in mind that the Major is a Commercial Grade 83mm Flat-burr-machine and should outlive you (spares are easily available should you need them)...i don't think many other grinders would (IMO)....throw a Major at a wall and it's likely to go through the wall; throw a Niche (other grinders are available) at a wall and it'll probably disintegrate ...the Daniel Wong kit when used with the Rocket blower and the dosing cup is IMO
  7. @dfk41 mmm thanks for that matey....been looking for an "induction" version for a while....i may also order the 150ml version....that's 3 cups of Espresso; but are they classed as "singles" or "doubles" ?
  8. @Izzoalex It never had a "cracked" hopper; it's a stalling tactic/excuse from the only "true crack" namely the one in his arse.
  9. Excellent nickname....very apt ๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. Always worth a try....you never know your luck
  11. +1 โ˜๏ธ....yepp welded together....and agree; for the price it's better to replace than trying to fix/bodge the contacts.
  12. If it is to be sold...then please post in the For Sale section as per the rules/guidelines and GLWS ๐Ÿ˜‹
  13. @megaspan In that case return it "under warranty".....chances are they'll ship you a replacement instead of repairing it (but no guarantee of this). Let us know how you get on....Good luck ๐Ÿ˜‹
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