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  1. WOW...£1000 for a lever that is excellent...for a "quality" lever that's even better 👍
  2. and there ^^^ is my justification (to the missus) for a 2nd one.... r.e. the OP, i was turning mine on/off twice a day; but after reading this very post i've started to leave it on during the day; with my portafilter just lose/lightly hanging in.
  3. Cheers matey, i still grin like a lil kiddy everytime i walk past it....my missus says i'll be talking to it next....i think she's jealous truth be told
  4. very clever....good way of upping your score...wished i'd have thought of that lol.......FWIW i'd guestimate that this forum is "heavily" male populated/biased. Good luck.
  5. Sorry i can't work out how to edit the Title to add the words "again"....i'll experiment later. Anyhow some new additions :- Espresso cups and saucers (x6) from Reiss all the way from New Zealand Cappuccino cups and saucers (x6) from Italy Some towels (x2) (personalised) from Mildred. I will update this as/when i acquire some more new goodies.
  6. So the International postie called again today....looks like that "Invisible cup" has turned up...somehow it's "gained" a saucer along the way...Italians eh So now at long last i have the stuff i paid for.
  7. It's also a Mac OSX thing (Apple pc)
  8. Excellent condition considering it's age....FWIW i'd be turning the spring 180 degrees when re-fitting....so the cleaner end gets to do some work and the not-so-cleaner part has a rest so to speak. Keep up the good work.
  9. Could've been worse; ....you could've used Nestle'
  10. Londinium 😀 ...i "tagged" the word lol. So from the above it's looking roughly 50/50....i thought it would have been more one sided with a an attached reason for the one-sidedness if you get my gist. Thanks to all who have come up with what they do/recommend.
  11. FWIW mate i think you are on a hiding-to-nothing IMO...women "always" know better.....you should have just bought her a box of chocolates; at least they don't come with instructions
  12. Hi all, as a newbie (does that status still apply ?) i'm curious, should i mount my portafilter at night or will the rubber get manky ?
  13. Stovetop ??? ....is it Induction stovetop friendly ? ...what's it made of (looks like Aluminium) ?
  14. WOW ....can't say as i've come across that "advice" yet (on here); but when i do i won't hold my tongue like OP decided to do....i can see why you ducked out of the conversation. I'm sure (but i could be wrong) if advice like that was given on an American site you'd be sued/have-your-arse-handed-to-you-on-a-plate....UK is different i know. Up until Rona crashed everyones party i taught Electronics and SAFETY was continuously rammed home from day 1. IMO what people do in their own home is their choice; but what people "advise" on a public web-page/forum/other could end up being lethal
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