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  1. Don't beat yourself up...you DID the RIGHT thing in removing the power cable to clean your machine. Sir i salute you πŸ‘
  2. Well done Max, and thanks for sharing with the 3D Printer Community πŸ‘ Nice looking printer BTW.
  3. @IamOiman Those copper jaws do look very handy 😎...i may have to fabricate something similar for my beat-up old vice.
  4. @Tim95 For a moment there i thought i was on one of my car forums lol...i saw the words; cam, exhaust, spring/valve...i did one of those "double takes" like you'd see in an old cartoon; then the penny dropped and i realised i was on CFUK. ...i hope you manage to sort out your problem soon
  5. 😡 wow...until i just googled (other search engines are available) it i had no idea they came in that size....you learns something new every day.
  6. Good call....it's always nice to have a choice...and you sell on the burr-set that isn't preferred/liked/used/other and get some money back.
  7. 😰 how much 😡 ...i'm brave but not "that" brave....i enjoy living...i think i'd end up eating one of her make-up mirrors as a reminder "to get permission first" πŸ‘Š
  8. @iJim it worked out the dearer we paid for them the more reliable they were..go figure...totally agree on the functionality per cost; makes them very appealing. Your project ☝️sounds like a poor-mans Ant+ dongle lol...have you put up on GitHub ?
  9. Wow...Β£17.69...i thought it was gonna be Β£30 ish....i'm in no rush...i'll wait till missus goes to sleep before ordering; tis safer that way
  10. ☝️ lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Wow...now that's my kinda checking...brilliant. 😎
  11. Where did you purchase that from if i may ask ?....i luuuuurve Walnut wood things/items. 😍
  12. No accidents (yet) as I tend to use the right size jug for the milk quantity i need, so far not one drop spilt since undertaking my coffee journey. On the off chance i should have such an accident then my goto rag is an old Newcastle Utd football shirt that gets used for when the boys are round partying (on hold due to pandemic) and gets wrapped around the toilet pedestal; drunken bikers and aim leaves one’s toilet floor messy…as no parties for a while then said rag has been relegated to picking up cat poop when my cat has an accident and somehow she misses the cat litter tray.
  13. It is indeed...like a kind of liquid poetry 😍
  14. Excellent...i bet you're excited
  15. @salty Good call πŸ‘....worth a quick butchers.
  16. One downside i found with the ESP32 is the high failure rate....out of 30 on one occasion 7 of them were D.O.A. ....on another occasion it was roughly half of them were D.O.A....it seemed to depend on where they were sourced from that determined if they had a good chance of being ok or a good chance of failing (within hours/days) or just D.O.A......it seemed the really cheap priced ones were total pants....wasn't my money but still demoralising to students who sometimes blamed themselves instead of the garbage made product.
  17. This hand grinder click me to see can be used with a BOSCH GSR120-LI electric screwdriver as stated in their description....it ain't cheap; but WOW 😍
  18. FWIW one is COMMERCIAL grade and proven....the other isn't.
  19. @urbanbumpkin Cheers buddy...i can live with Β£41 all in πŸ‘
  20. Gutted for you..."snooze you lose".....as Jake mentioned ☝️ they're COMMERCIAL grade....this thing will probably outlive you
  21. Yoda :- "Direct purchase you must. Lesson learned you have. Ebay leads to mistrust, mistrust leads to hate, hate leads to the Dark-Side"
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