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  1. Excellent 😎 ....you do realise you're gonna be inundated with requests to make "me one" Looking forward to seeing it with the bellows
  2. I did think it a tad strange when it said "free" postage..... "thar be sharks ahoy" reminds me of a line from a song...."who do you trust when everyone's a crook"
  3. Me too...it's all good, makes for interesting times...hopefully more manufacturers (*) will jump on the "lower-price" bandwaggon which gives people "more" choice for a "given-price-bracket"....that way peeps don't have to become sheep and keep following the sheep crowd (because that's all there is in said price range). (*) more manufacturers also means "more retailers" (hopefully)....everyone loves a choice
  4. Good that you're keeping it, well done. ......But....
  5. Just stick your finger over the hole whilst grinding, tis what i do...grinder on, remove finger, blow with puffer, switch to top-hole-blow with puffer, back to funnel hole for a few puffs,,,by this time the beans have been munched, but i still give both holes a quick puff; switch off...job done 💪
  6. Welcome to the LEVER CLUB matey 👏 Remember some of those tips i gave you and you'll nail it. p.s....FWIW the next-step on the upgradeitus ladder is a GS3, a Speedster or a Slayer...just saying EDIT:- when you move house then plumb that sucker in.....no pump noise.....the silence is deafening muhahaha
  7. @PACMAN iirc i think you can get an "upgrade kit" for about £25 if i'm not mistaken...mine was the newer improved version, sorry can't recall the colur of the gears or what the burrs looked like as i never got round to using it (long story) and i'd sold it on here before i eventually got a machine. As for the SJ you can buy all the parts new for them and you can mod it out if so desired. Good luck with whatever you do decide to purchase.
  8. Yepp, same here....if i had my way it'd be banned on "public" forums.
  9. I have to play "hunt the grommet" now and again. Good job my kitchen is small or i'd never find it....i feel a "mod" coming on
  10. @iJim Well done, i shall be following this thread closely....keep up the good work
  11. Bro, do a seperate post...show the world...this is FS and will prob get closed as it's served it's purpose...but a seperate post will continue to share your wonderful journey with us all 😎
  12. check that it's dried out and then after that check again....i wish you well.
  13. Can't say as i've seen one for the Svart (tbh i haven't looked) but wouldn't it be easier/cheaper to chop down one of those "steering-gaiters" that are readily available from fleabay ? ....it may not look as pretty as a Wilfa made version (if they did) but i'm sure it has to be better than slapping it daft lol. I think someone made; printed one i should say, wether it was for this grinder i cannot say...the search bar is your friend
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