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  1. LJDUK


    The only drawback with the multi-fuel Pro I reckon is that the gas burner looks inferior to the dedicated gas Koda - look at the pics and you'll see multiple gas jets for the Koda (I think Ooni have patented this technology) which gives an even flame across the whole oven compared 2 jets for the Gas adaptor on the Pro. I'm no engineer so can't say for sure if there's much of a difference but I reckon the flame being evenly distributed is the better solution.
  2. Really appreciate your thoughts MediumRoastSteam. Whichever I go with I know it’s going to be a lot better than the BE!
  3. I currently have a barista express but now want to upgrade. Want a great espresso/americano - not really into lattes tho visitors often do on occasion. 4 of us in the house so guess 4-6 americanos a day, 8 max. Wife not technical so doubt she’d be happy handling either tho Mara x probably the more user friendly. Prefer the look of the Mara x to the Elizabeth in the kitchen , tho I know that shouldn’t matter. on grinder front plan to go with specialiti in chrome so it matches- find the sette 270, niche etc pretty ugly (there I go with aesthetics again). A downside wi
  4. Can’t decide whether to go for an Elizabeth or Mara x. Help!
  5. Gotta say, v impressed with Aldi coffee beans in an emergency
  6. I own a Barista express and would definitely opt for the Pro next time. £50 difference isn’t a lot and you get the improved grinder as well
  7. LJDUK


    I’ve got an ooni koda gas and tbh you need to go with gas if you’re making 60 pizzas - it maintains heat and copes with the wind better than wood pellets (my nephew has the latter and now wishes he got gas). Mine is the 12” version which is more than enough for the hungriest person!
  8. I should say I’m looking at a Lelit Mara x with a Eureka Specialiti grinder though the new Lelit Elizabeth has my attention also. Any thoughts/suggestions greatly received!
  9. I’m a fellow lurker who’s decided to join up - the info on here is so good. Have owned a sage barista express for 5 years which now has no pressure (have ordered new solenoids from Germany which hopefully will do the trick). Do I wait and fix or buy new machine and grinder, that’s the big question?!
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