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  1. Hey everyone, After lots of research, I've decided on getting a Rancilio Silvia but unfortunately had no luck finding a reasonably priced one elsewhere, so I thought I would try on here! I have considered other e61 machines such as Berezza Hobby, Lelit Victoria etc but not the Gaggia Classic as I'm trying to stay away from aluminium boiler's. So if anyone is selling something similar, please let me know! I'm not really looking to spend more than around £300-400, hopefully this is feasible with what I have requested. Hopefully I can find something suitable on here, if not I will probably end up buying new as I already have a decent grinder which I got recently (Niche Zero) and have been looking for a good second hand machine for a while now. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone every bought from Blak Nektar? I was thinking of buying a Silvia V5 from them, it seems reasonable priced, but I cannot find any reviews whatsoever of them online. Link to thier website: https://www.blaknektar.coffee/ They do have some socials, if you check the site footer and a large catalogue of items but then again as I mentioned no reviews at all, on reddit, trustpilot etc. Also you can't pay via PayPal which also makes me slightly uneasy. Thanks!
  3. So I know you guys may have already answered a lot of these types of questions but I couldn’t find a thread which answered all of my concerns. So I recently decided to really get into expresso making as I've mainly just been making coffee via moka pot or v60. After about a month of research and just browsing coffee forums in my spare time a lot of people have been advising to spend most of the budget on a good grinder, hence why I bought a Niche Zero, which is scheduled to be delivered sometime in October. Kind of out of my price range but I thought I may as well spend a bit extra now to get a decent grinder that I will (hopefully) use for years to come. Now to the title of this thread, Gaggia Classic or Rancilio Silvia? Most people recommend one or another although Gaggia Classic seems to be more popular of the two. The issue holding me back was the aluminium boiler and the supposed health concerns, I did end up getting a new Gaggia Classic Pro for £370 but returned it due to this reason. There seems to be conflicting opinions on the aluminium boiler and whether it effects your health or not, some people seem to be against it and some people are for it. Rancilio has the brass boiler of course. Apparently the brass boiler also holds up better long term as well. Another thing people have been saying is to not buy new? I would rather buy new as you have relatively new parts (I say relatively as there a high chance it might be a returned machine, just as I returned mine) and you have a warranty as well. So if there an obvious reason not to buy new? Most of the second hand Gaggias/Rancilio I have seen have been around half price used compared with if you bought it new and they are usually 5-10 years old in terms of the manufacture date, so in terms of value for money they seem to be kind of the same for me? Hoping to make a decision based on this thread as every time I end up choosing one or the other, I always read someone else’s opinion and second guess myself!
  4. Could I ask where you found a Bambino plus for £230? That seems like a really good deal to me, everywhere I look for decent second hand machines/grinders, I can never find them. I am usually checking ebay or just googling.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately after having done research, most if not all were either saying Gaggia Classic or Racillio Silva. Now I have no other issue with the Gaggia Classic, the week I had it before returning it I was enjoying using it other than when I found out about the aluminium boiler when I was just browsing through reddit r/Coffee. A few people from different threads were saying how it degrades/leaches into the water overtime and a few were saying there was nothing to worry about, but I thought it would be best to be safe than sorry so decided on the the Silva. I'm at that point now that I'm getting confused with so many different opinions on whats good and whats not that I will probably make a decision in the next few days and just buy something. So if I invest in a decent grinder e.g. Sette 270, what machine would you reccomend? I've heard good things about the Sage Bambino plus, although that would still mean I would have to over my budget considerable which at the moment is not possible I'm afraid.
  6. Hi all, apologies if I have posted in the wrong thread. I recently bought a new Gaggia Classic Pro 2019 after seeing a lot of people recommend this as a first time consumer machine from ( https://www.gaggiadirect.com/gaggia-classic-2018-19.html ) for £370 but unfortunately I ended up returning it due to my discovery of the aluminium boiler which I did not know of before. I'm not entirely sure what the research is with aluminium leaking into the water and how it might effect you in the long term but I didn’t want to take the risk as I do plan on keeping any machine I buy for a good few years. So now I have my sights set on the Rancillio Silva which has a brass boiler as I am sure you guys are aware, this is another machine I have come across where a lot people have recommended. My question is which grinder would you suggest baring in mind my budget is below £600, now I know the higher your budget is the better espresso you will make. I would prefer to buy the Rancillio Silva new which (latest model - v6 2020) costs around £500 depending on where you buy it, so that leaves around £100 for the grinder. I have tried finding second hand grinders on eBay but have had no luck, if you guys have any suggestions for second hand, I would appreciate any links to said grinder Ive been looking at this set, although not sure if the grinder is any good: https://www.coffeeitalia.co.uk/rancilio-silvia-v6-e-2020-last-edition-nemox-lux.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwyo36BRAXEiwA24CwGUH7_wPdMcd3u0Zvcp5ERn39JRmV3dSREQSh8zjuCzb0G6e-3qXNshoC5sQQAvD_BwE To summarise: Bought Gaggia Classic but returned due to aluminium boiler, now looking at getting a Rancillio Silva which has a brass boiler Which grinder would you recommend? Budget for Grinder is approx. £100. Obviously the cheaper, the better. If you guys have any other suggestions for differentmachine, let me know! Thanks
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