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  1. Just wondering, what are the main differences between a Gesha and Yirg as I believe they're both supposed to be predominantly fruity/floral? I'm tempted by the yirg if their profiles aren't that drastically different.
  2. Finally got the JX-Pro through. Thing is built like a tank and seems like insane quality for the price. Choked the Bambino plus on first couple of grinds but after trial and error finally got something espresso-like out... now to dial in properly :D. Took about 45 seconds to get through 18g of medium roast so not too bad. Thanks for the info and comparison guys
  3. I was kind of leaning towards the jx pro but the stepless adjustment of the aergrind did tempt me a bit. Forearms are fine... My coffee grinding is my daily workout.. but maybe not for 5 minutes to grind through 18g 😅. I only have 2 espressos a day and I won't travel with it since I have the Cafflano Krinder as my travel one with the Aeropress and I'll use my Timemore for pourover at home. Thanks for the input guys, I think I'll go for the JX Pro since it'll stay at home and I'll still have balanced forearms after a month of grinding.
  4. Hi all, Tried searching the forum but haven't come across any topics that have really compared the 2 grinders. I'm trying to dabble in budget espresso with my Sage Bambino Plus however my current grinders steps are huge (Timemore Slim) and a single step can cause a difference in shot time of 10 seconds so thought I'd invest in a grinder that can do better adjustments. I'm working on a bit of a budget so I've zoned into the 2 mentioned in the title. From what I've gathered the aergrind is stepless but the jx pro steps are also good enough for espresso. Anyone had experience of both th
  5. Awesome, cheers for the heads up Coco. Will give those a try.
  6. Vash

    Hi all!

    That makes sense... But sometimes it worries me that the premium is just because they have a world champion at the company rather than sourcing/rarity of beans.. which I guess if they won with those beans, they probably are decent beans/roasters. I actually agree with the price/taste not being factor... But I guess my palate isn't advanced enough to get a lot of the notes described on the packet for those beans yet. Strangely enough my favourite so far is the organic medium roast from cru (supermarket brand 🤫). Will see what red brick and the filter roast from square mile are like since t
  7. Vash

    Hi all!

    Oddly enough Kiss the Hippo has been showing up a lot in ads on my Instagram feed... but checking the prices they cost around 50% more than most other roasters... is it worth the premium in your opinion?
  8. Vash

    Hi all!

    Hi all! Recently found the forum after getting into coffee and binge watching James Hoffman videos.. didn't realise there was so much behind the art of coffee. Started off with a v60 and a aeropress ish thing by barista co.. then recently invested in a Sage Bambino plus and learning how to dial in/latte arting... Tips appreciated! Surprised how many coffee roasters there are in the UK looking at the beans section.. recommendations are appreciated. I've only bought from James gourmet, origin, ozone and Monmouth so far 😁. Also just ordered from square mile too this week to top up.
  9. Around 1 month doing research for my first beginner machine... Ended up with the sage Bambino plus after reading some threads. James Hoffman videos got me interested in the science of coffee.
  10. Quite new to the coffee world so never cupped either. Ordered so looking forward to my first ever cupping
  11. Got mine 2 weeks ago.. no customs charge luckily. I've not got the highest budget grinder to compare with but compared to my timemore slim, it grinds through beans quick but jars a lot more compared to the slim. With coarser grinding there seems to be a few more fines compared to the slim. Overall for the 40ish quid Kickstarter price, I would recommend for a travel grinder... Not sure about the full rrp though..
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