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  1. Im hoping he fixed that as that post was from 10 years ago 😂
  2. Doof

    VST 18g basket

    That's great - thank you. I cant believe im going to spend more on a basket that i did on my Delonghi Dedica lol You get free delivery by anychance?
  3. No problem at all from my side - happy to follow the rules
  4. 🤷‍♀️ i was just going by their description
  5. Might be of interest on here, i have a feeling the price will take off! Looks gorgeous though.... Link
  6. Happy to follow whatever the rules are - Just for transparency i have sent a PM
  7. @Agentb do you know if the 20g wil fit in the standard portafilter? Thanks
  8. Doof

    VST 18g basket

    @Zeak did you go for ridged or ridgeless, also what sized tamper you going for? I think im just behind you on my purchasing, seems like we're going down the same road...
  9. thanks @Zeak have you got one yourself? Did you bother with another basket or is the one in there decent?
  10. @Nightrider_1uk ahh no worries, since you responded thought you might have it. @[email protected] would either of you have it by any chance?
  11. @Nightrider_1uk is the gauge with yourself at the moment?
  12. Hey all, After a bottomless portafilter for a Gaggia classic (pre 2015) if anyone has one they would like to part with. Thanks
  13. Hi there, If you do end up splitting I'd be interested in a basket for my gaggia classic. Just let me know of anything changes 👌
  14. Hey Guys, After a few bits for the gaggia classic (pre Phillips) of anyone has them going. 1. Double basket to fit the standard portafilter vst/ims 18g+ 2. Tamper for the above. 3. Back flushing plate. 4. Steam wand upgrade. Thanks!
  15. Hey guys, just picked up a classic myself - would love to me next on the list if possible please
  16. Prices have been crazy recently, that being said i managed to pick one up got £80 delivered - hard work though, they were going so quickly.
  17. Ohh good old Google for me, was looking for some information on an Anfim grinder and found lots of useful information and very helpful people
  18. Lurked about a month or so, trying to read as much as possible so as not to ask stupid questions!
  19. Hey bud, I've been on for a while myself, but i think you need to get your post count up to post on certain sections (if it isn't already)
  20. Hi there, exactly the same problem here! Would be interested to see if you managed to resolve it?
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