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  1. Hi all, Anyone have a Rancilio Silva Wand they would like to sell - looking to upgrade from the standard on my Classic. Thanks
  2. I have been using a stainless steel version from a pro model i believe (Only 4 holes) been very happy with it so far.
  3. Welcome neighbor! Looks great, enjoy the forums lots of friendly and knowledgeable people on here
  4. Great post. Cubika might have a few bits, but ive not compared with the classic - i believe the pump may be the same
  5. @ashcrocif it were anywhere near me I'd have been straight on it!
  6. After seeing @Mulligrub post recently, looks like a fair amount of common parts worth the classic - so hopefully useful to someone
  7. I did a full tear down, i really should have documented it - but as usual i got stuck in then thought of it afterwards! There's not much to them to be honest, i don't think they're held in particularly high regard. So far ive had nothing but kindness and great insight from forum members - fair to assume that well people make for happy members 🙂 Im going to have to admit to having to Google "stuck for bobbins" 😂 PID will be the next step for me, but I couldn't be happier with the classic.
  8. Good price if you are able to collect- they will not post or allow collection. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee- machines/gaggia-coffee-machine/1389509951
  9. Seen this posted on schpock: https://www.shpock.com/en-gb/i/X6gkUaiE9Gy6ODTo/tebe-gaggia-coffee-machine May be of use if you're in the Rotherham area.
  10. Thanks @Mulligrub - loved the thread on the Tebe, it inspired me to tinker with a cubika i picked up - although hasn't gone nearly as well
  11. Measurements are: Total opening width:21mm Nut/head width:12mm Slot opening:3mm Gap around nut: around 3.5mm I had a really good fit with a 15mm flat drill bit (the point fit in the gap without touching) i screwed the base into a piece of wood so i could have downward pressure and turn at the same time, however the slot is beginning damaged and it won't budge. I think ive shagged it to be honest, it's not budging - a shame as the rest of the machine is in decent nick. Thanks for the suggestions @HDAVand @El carajillo
  12. Left is a single, middle a double and i believe right is for a pod if i am not mistaken
  13. Hey Guys, Similar to a previous post for a Rave discount, i have just put an order through Limini (Lovely people by the way) and have been given a link for 10% off for referrals, i had not seen any posted for Limini. https://www.liminicoffee.co.uk/shop?referral=731369479905 For transparency - I will receive a £5 Voucher to spend. Thanks
  14. Thanks @ratty and @allikat I've pulled the trigger on the Stainless one i was looking at, so will give it a crack and see how i get on - appreciate your insight
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