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  1. @Uncletits sure, no problem at all - just let me know. Thanks
  2. Huh, went for "only" £185 in the end - i thought it would be alot more top be fair
  3. Doof

    58.4/5mm Tamper

    Hi all, Anyone have a tamper they would like to sell in either of the above sizes? I have bought a VST basket so i believe either will fit. Thanks
  4. @Uncletits if you wouldn't mind loaning it to me after you've set yours, I'd appreciate it.
  5. Im hoping he fixed that as that post was from 10 years ago 😂
  6. Doof

    VST 18g basket

    That's great - thank you. I cant believe im going to spend more on a basket that i did on my Delonghi Dedica lol You get free delivery by anychance?
  7. No problem at all from my side - happy to follow the rules
  8. 🤷‍♀️ i was just going by their description
  9. Might be of interest on here, i have a feeling the price will take off! Looks gorgeous though.... Link
  10. Happy to follow whatever the rules are - Just for transparency i have sent a PM
  11. @islandladMind if i PM you - might be interested
  12. @Agentb do you know if the 20g wil fit in the standard portafilter? Thanks
  13. Doof

    VST 18g basket

    @Zeak did you go for ridged or ridgeless, also what sized tamper you going for? I think im just behind you on my purchasing, seems like we're going down the same road...
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