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  1. Hi Unfortunately i am ideally looking for the asking price as it cost me about £240 and only had it for a few months. Just had an offer elsewhere at £140 too
  2. Selling the above as new Niche grinder arrives tomorrow. This is a beautifully made grinder with easy adjustment and delivers a lovely espresso grind. Comes with 2 bottoms. One is solid the other has a removable plunger that allows you to dose straight into the basket. 47mm itlamill makes grinding effortless. Comes with carry case and unused brush. Doesn't come with the small cleaning blower as the puppy got that! £150 plus postage
  3. I bought a Cafelat about 2 months ago after lots of agonising on what to get. Couldn't justify an expensive machine so settled on a lever. Cafelat Initially seemed expensive, for what it is, but slightly less than the traditional lever machines. What sealed it for me was the simplicity and the fact you only have to wait for the kettle to boil instead of heating a boiler. So far I’m over the moon and honestly cant see me upgrading. Not had a bad shot yet and its transformed my coffee drinking experience. Previously i had been a cappuccino junky and was worried about the lack of milk
  4. I’m in the same boat. Didn't arrive on Friday but contacted Niche and they quickly let me know it was collected Friday so expecting it tomorrow. Can’t wait! Have had this previously with DPD
  5. The 1zpresso JE plus has a good range for espresso and easy adjustment. Not as quick as the JX but much easier to turn!
  6. Colinc


    Impatience got the better of me and ended up with another grinder but one more suited to espresso and easier to grind. So far so good but am sure a Niche will get added at some point!
  7. Colinc


    Just a quick (Or maybe not) introduction from another newbie Have been using Nespresso's for a long time now (due to the convenience) but the lockdown has opened up a whole new world of coffee Have had an aeropress and a couple of V60’s and cafetierres for many years and thought they were all ok but recently struggled with cafetierres being either way to strong or weak so decided to buy some cheap scales, a hand grinder and some good beans. The difference has been huge. So much so i have almost completely given up on milk based coffees (and was buying a lot of those on a normal
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