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  1. I've posted a chart of grind sizes & recipes on my google page. I wouldn't try and print it...seems to be 1200 odd pages, a symptom of being imported from an old XL. I'll add more methods & brew sizes as time goes on. Brewers are listed in alphabetical order, scroll down to see them all. All are the result of multiple brews (minimum x10), each with a different origin &/or roast. Go by the Kruve/ISO sieve results, rather than the numbered grind settings. Sifting was carried out by hand, 2 minutes per sample, side to side with occasional downwards & sideways taps.
  2. These suggestions have no recipe data & vary wildly in relative settings. I'm sure they all work, but it seems you'd need to know things like ratio & steep time? E.g. Aergrind 2019 is coarser than pour over. But, Commandante are similar for the differing methods. The others have Aeropress as finer grind than pour over (largely typical at 55-70g/L). Fellow Ode settings don't make any sense taking into account James Hoffmann's review. For the Aergrind, you'll have the option to use fine grinds for both short & long steeps, various ratios. Aerspee
  3. Total retention is what is trapped in the grinder after use. Original post seemed to claim 0.7g? Exchange can't be more than retention, otherwise the grinder is importing it's own coffee from somewhere :-) I'd be more focussed on dose consistency, if this is 0.2 or 0.3g as claimed (to 1stdev?), I wouldn't be concerned, at worst chuck a few beans in for a little purge,1st thing each day.
  4. 1g exchange sounds an awful lot for this kind of grinder. Where was this declared?
  5. Stick around, time will tell. There are a lot of helpful folk here & it's still the friendliest coffee forum I've been on.
  6. Maybe a little. Both conicals & flats 'work'. Either grinder should be easy enough to sell on. They both do what they do, you're job is really to set the grind, which works the same way for any grinder. Which do you prefer in terms of looks?
  7. Probably all of them in the EU/US and other markets. Things are frequently priced according to market, even within the UK. I remember going drinking with a couple of pals from Leeds Yorks., in Kent in the 90's. They ordered 2 bottles of Holsten Pils in a pint glass each & our eyes widened. Must be made of money we thought. They explained they drink it all the time at home, landlord charged them £5 each...then their eyes widened! :-)
  8. Yes, like the requirement to give up your free time to deal with problems & maintenance.
  9. How would I know if there was a vacancy? I just assumed you were being motivated by a sense of community spirit & helpfulness. If I wanted to keep my behind covered, I wouldn't keep drawing attention to it.
  10. I'm sure that if it was incorrect & discussion worthy, someone would have mentioned it by now. Are you applying to be a moderator, looks like you'll be kept busy if so.
  11. Not at all, the natural, practical & price, competitor to the DF64 is the conical equipped Niche, the DF64 also represents a flat option too, so discussions on the differences are not unexpected. The thread is about the DF64 & it was the first dedicated thread to do so. It's not clear that the discussion is limited to tests, or updates specifically. That said, flat v conical isn't likely to be settled here anytime soon (if it even needs to be).
  12. This has only been tested by the SCA with brewed coffee, not espresso - no one, out of 160 coffee pros, could tell the difference. But, once people were aware of the difference they could assign some differences in attributes (more acidity to conicals, drier flavours to flats). Some of the sifting results for brewed coffee grinds does show that some flats do produce a tighter particle distribution, but not all. Who would pay for repeated mass blind tasting of neat espresso amongst consumers, you might be lucky to get 10 or 15 people off the street each day. Add in people who might th
  13. The flat v conical debate existed long before Niche. Hemro (Mahlkonig, Ditting) make flat grinders, most other manufacturers make both. At one time Roburs & Compak K10s were all the rage. The best thing about Niche (or any other single dose grinder, with good dose consistency) is that you put your beans in, grind & brew (if you're really pedantic and want unnecessary precision, you chuck another bean, or two in & check weight). You don't really think about grinding/the grinder once set, you just get on with it. In the past, grinders with more convoluted grind paths made you fe
  14. I don't know if I'm finding similar, maybe for different reasons, but my short & coarse grind Clevers are tending to have no/very few off flavours, even with lighter roasts.
  15. You'd have to look at it on a grinder by grinder basis. But there is very little data publicly shared (Baratza have some plots on their site). Think of it like a 'normal distribution' - A few grinders are known to make very tight distributions (EK-43, Baratza Vario/Forte, Mythos) most are normal (within a tolerance), a few make wide distributions (low tolerance builds, or burrs designed for an unusual wide spread).
  16. Show us distribution plots from the grinders in question and we can discuss it.
  17. My Pressi, Handpresso, Presso... Perhaps my oddest coffee accessory...steel can strainer. https://www.google.com/search?q=can+strainer&rlz=1C1CHNY_enGB887GB887&sxsrf=ALeKk01Gd8LH-TJ7np3YxbAMtulMpUpG9w:1614012908049&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiC5K_Q-v3uAhX3aRUIHYZ_DU0Q_AUoAnoECAQQBA&biw=1366&bih=657#imgrc=ygW6-zky4fupNM
  18. Hmm, this is uncomfortable viewing....the impulse purchases I made in the past, asking to be dusted off again! :-)
  19. Of course, new products & wider, value for money choices are always welcome. OE do short stack hoppers with weights for Compaks, a bit pricey & come from the US.
  20. Yes you may be right but for us in Europe it's an alternative to Niche and a very good option now that Niche has become more expensive and you have to wait plus the problems at the customs etc and the delays etc, not knowing how the after sale service will work etc. People here in Spain still waiting for their February Niche... They do make grinders in Spain & other European countries.
  21. Sure, I appreciate that, and it's somewhat moot - you'll grind at the setting that works & produces a good cup, whilst not caring/knowing how many modes you have. But there is growing misinformation on the existence of unimodal espresso grinders. If someone was considering a range of grinders, this perceived notion might be what tips into making a purchase - and they may well enjoy this purchase...as they might an option they passed over. They might also believe a choice of grinder makes them more physically attractive, but I don't think anyone on this forum would believe that :-). I
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