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  1. MWJB

    Niche for V60

    Espresso beans for V60? Bleurch!!! :-) I often brew decaf (Crankhouse La Plata at the minute) & caf at the same time, the caf might take 2:30-3:00, decaf around 5:00 for the same recipe. Focus on the grind setting & consistent pouring, nail that and brew time will be what it will be. Can you do a video of this method? (You have a video up already, but I'm not sure it correlates to this thread?)
  2. Really fine? If you grind too fine for a long shot, it will get bitter & silty even if it doesn't over-extract.
  3. You won't run it clear (zero tds) even if it blonds early. You need to grind a bit coarser & pours won't be so pretty, but you can get normal & tasty extractions at 70-80g out from an 18g dose.
  4. "Yeah possibly. I'll experiment. Its about the taste after all. I haven't seen any recipe though that asks for longer than 5 minute draw. My feeling is its going to overextract." It won't over-extract based on time alone, if it takes a long time & is weak & watery, then it is a long, under-extracted brew. Grinder sets extraction, the clock tells the time :-)
  5. No one can give an opinion on the distribution from this. It doesn't look in any way weird for a coarse grind though (not that it easy to tell anything from pictures).
  6. All grinds have boulders & fines, as well as a large range of normal particle sizes. If the 5:45 brew was watery & weak, the other 7 min plus brews were over...doesn't that suggest there might be a happy point in between? I have never seen a V60 clog, that's quite a feat. I would have though the Chemex more prone to clogging. If your grinder is broken, it should be replaced/refunded. Maybe make video of a brew?
  7. A few fines? You mean like a little translucent dust just in the last sip or two (ideal), or an opaque layer of silt the bottom of the cup? Yes, there will always be some solids getting through, but shouldn't be enough to worry about until the last sip. Filtering often isn't a good idea because it reduces body & takes long time, unless you are prepared to waste even more of your brew. Brew should be clean enough without any further filtering, but it takes a bit more care when pouring.
  8. If the coffee comes out too fast, this would likely be because the grind is too coarse & the coffee would then be under-extracted (weak, unripe). Can you grind any finer? Maybe up the brew size a tad too 36:600g Can you lift off the lid & give the grounds bed a little stir once there is enough water in there to wet everything? If you set the drip speed to 1/2 & you have still ground too coarse, the brew will take longer but it still may not extract properly. Time is only a very rough guide to extraction.
  9. Sure, it's good to seek constant improvement, but you're primarily making a drink to enjoy, if it is enjoyable then that's a good basis to work from & refer to. "Perfect espresso" is probably too individual a concept to have any universal meaning. Aiming for a good strike rate of enjoyable shots, with as little wastage as you can get away with, is perhaps a more realistic aim. Each to their own, but if it tastes good to me, I couldn't really care less what it looks like...if it looks good, that's great. But, if you're sabotaging the taste to get picture/video perfect pours, that makes no sense to me.
  10. If it's not broke, does it need fixing?
  11. What is the depth? The Razor seems to be about 6mm deep, leaving 20mm basket depth for 18g of coffee. So if your tool leaves 8mm proud, try 16g (you might fit 17g) in the basket?
  12. Amount of fines won't be weird, unless the grinder is broken (this would be fairly obvious). It's how coarse, or fine the grind is, that is the principal issue. If the grind is overall finer than OP has been using with the conical grinder, you want a greater weight of water above the bed to speed up flow (for the same brew weight). Number of pours dovetails with grind size & has as much impact on extraction.
  13. Is 34 as coarse as it goes? Wendelboe & Hoffmann don't seem to split the pours, see what happens when you do a single large pour after blooming?
  14. If you are getting water drip into the cup, before the coffee starts to drip & it is not obviously leaking around the outside of the PF, it is most likely water trapped the basket & PF. Pop the basket out after flushing & have a look?
  15. I have a different manufacture tool, if that's the shallowest you can get then that's what you will have to use, with a little less coffee dose.
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