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  1. It doesn't stop me putting sugar in, I just don't need to. If I did need to, I would stop drinking coffee tomorrow. I also don't like pills & being told what to do (but then again, who does?), so for now I manage my condition through diet and am not being asked to take medication. I still have the odd sweet thing as a treat, whereas coffee is a daily staple.
  2. One full turn would be 0 all the way round to 0 again, but I wouldn't go that coarse for a 500ml brew in a single walled glass press, more like 55-60 with an NFC disc, 60-65 without? One full turn (or a little less) would be the coarsest setting I'd use for a manual drip brew.
  3. Aaah apologies, I use Bodum Columbia French presses for long steeps. Double benefits of insulated press & the silicone edged plunger mesh really helps to keep silt down when pouring. I brew for an hour to 90min at ~65g/L, grind size is ~11% 400Kruve, or just on the coarser side of 1 mug V60.
  4. You won't find a link even if you search, you'll just find commonly held misconceptions about <10min brew times & fears of "over-extraction". You can steep in a French press until your coffee is too cool to enjoy, it won't over-extract, it will just go cold. You can however grind so fine that silt becomes bittering at normal extraction (the actual particles of roasted wood making their way into the cup, though this doesn't bother fans of Turkish coffee), or kick up silt at a reasonable grind ruining the cup (this is where Hoffmann's no plunge technique is a godsend, as it aims to r
  5. Single walled vs insulated reflects in both the time the slurry will be kept hot & therefore final extraction (fast decline in temp = lower extraction). This impacts target steep time & grind size. So, for a single walled glass press I would grind finer (40-50 on Niche) as the coffee will cool more quickly (maybe 30-40min steep). For a double walled press, I can grind coarser (50-60 on Niche), steep longer (60min+) and increase extraction, thus I can also use a higher brew ratio. You don't need a link, I just wrote it here.
  6. What is your press made of, glass or insulated steel. This is important. Ignore the descriptions on the Niche fascia, "50" is more "medium" than "coarse". One full turn on the Niche would be coarse.
  7. It's only overkill if you do short steeps & lower extractions. If you like to do longer steeps (or have the option to) a finer grind would be nice to have.
  8. Pressure doesn't have much to do with the "thermothingy", nor does volumetrics. I have a DTP, it extracts to a normal degree at higher strengths than you seem to prefer to drink coffee at (entirely your preference, but no evidence that thermothingies cannot work). I'm not making any claims that the Aldi machine works as described in the manual, nor to a standard I'd recommend to anyone else.
  9. Sounds like a monumental waste of time & unless you have the machines to be used, an "exposure" gig. If you do have the machines, why not do it yourself. Use over a longer period would be useful, rather than a rushed attempt to dial them all in one the same day.
  10. I don't watch BBC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pickled_cucumber
  11. It is the same thing, it just has a different name in the US. Y'know like potato and potaato
  12. "...pickles...", they're even visible in the video.
  13. Black, no milk/dairy. I'm lactose intolerant and type 2 diabetic. One of the reasons coffee is one of my preferred hot drinks is that it is usually sweet/balanced/lacking bitterness enough for me (& other friends/relatives) to drink without needing added sugar/sweetener. That said I had a sip of my girlfriend's Nespresso with one sweetener in it (had run out of the sweeter coffee caps) and it completely dominated the taste, we both agreed it was way too sweet. The milk side of things is, to me, more a question of preference...I can't have it but I don't have any strong feeli
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