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  1. Never. Not saying you shouldn't if you like it, but if I make a cup of coffee that tastes like it needs to be sweetened, I double check how I made it, if that is normal & the last 8 or 9 coffees made the same way tasted good, then I suspect the coffee itself. If a coffee seems balanced to me that's fine (doesn't need to be very sweet, just not particularly bitter, maybe similar sweetness to ripe fruit?), great if it is sweeter than normal, but the natural perceived sweetness in coffee is typically pretty delicate (sometimes not), sugar acts like a "sledgehammer of sweetness" to me &am
  2. But none of these articles can give you consistent units in how much to drink, note the article you copied swings between "cups" (whatever they are) to mg of caffeine. Coffee rarely lists caffeine content. E.g. pregnant women should limit themselves to 200mg of caffeine, Arabica is typically 1.1% to 1.3% caffeine at typical extraction, so ball-park that at 16.7g of roasted & ground coffee per day. Likewise, 400mg of caffeine is often quoted as a recommended daily intake for the average person, or 33g of roasted & ground coffee per day...some people use that in a single brew).
  3. 2nd brew, all else the same, except 5x42g pours for 210g total. Still a little drying (I'd score it 7/9), even though the extraction was a little less (different coffee). Next brew, I'll keep the valve open throughout & see if it cleans up any.
  4. I don't know about Epsom salts & sulfate. I mix my tap water with pure water to give ~50mg/L alkalinity (checked with a KH drop kit). This takes about 30s longer than normal, when filling a kettle/water tank & regular kitchen scales suffice.
  5. OK, dose 13.4g ground at 32 on Wilfa flat (coarse ~8% at 400Kruve). Valve closed on Brewista, water poured with a Hario Buono, via a steel can strainer suspended on a pair of chopsticks. 0:00 44g poured in a fast spiral (~13s). Little shake. 0:30 open valve. 0:40 up to 88g poured as above. 1:20 up to 132g poured. 2:00 up to 176g poured. 2:40 up to 220g poured (well 219g in this case, a couple of g evaporating by the time the photo was taken). Dry bed 3:37. 179g in the cup, a little over-extracted, not dominating dryness, just enough to suggest extra
  6. Just wondering why you would do this? Step back for a minute, you have found a coffee that you love & you're saying, "I want to buy something else [which will inevitably, tangibly be different] and love it as much [with no logical basis establishing how that might happen] as what I currently have". Maybe keep a bag of Super Crema on hand whilst you're auditioning a replacement.
  7. Are we talking espresso or brewed? For brewed, different origins & processes don't usually need different grind settings to get a representative result (of course if you identify a malfunction, beyond not liking that particular bean, you can tweak grind, but large swings in setting are not necessary). I wouldn't get too hung up on light vs dark & second guessing grind, I haven't seen any noticeable effect on solubility for roasts around 1st crack to 2nd crack...in other words, a bean can be roasted too far for brewed long before any technical/extraction based remedies are nee
  8. Can you grind more than once to hit your dose weight, or manually start/stop grinding, whilst grinding into a cup/pot on scales?
  9. I switch between bagged & boxed Japanese V60 papers. there is no appreciable difference between them. Never tried the Dutch ones & have no inclination to do so as I can pick up Japanese ones with my groceries (Ocado). If you really want to save on filter papers, a Melitta or Bartleet cone will do this quicker than alternative papers for V60. £1.30 for a box of 40 from Rombouts.
  10. MWJB

    British spiders

    Another male, noble false widow. They don't bother me greatly, but if they're easy to catch (using a glass & piece of paper, or I use the lid end of a flexible, cut off plastic bottle - with bottle lid secured so that I don't funnel the spider up my sleeve) I put them out the window.
  11. MWJB

    British spiders

    My biggest spider surprise(both me & it) was a mouse spider, like @dfk41, that was having a nap in my harmonica... 😮😀 We both survived the incident & went our separate ways.
  12. MWJB

    British spiders

    I know a little about a very few specific things, otherwise I know next to nothing about everything else :-) In other words, you've just been very lucky with your questions...or, I was lucky you happened to ask the right ones! :-)
  13. MWJB

    British spiders

    This looks like a male Steatoda nobilis (AKA noble false widow). Keep the wound/area clean (as with any insect bite/scratch) and you won't have any long term consequences. Soreness and a mild flu like symptoms lasting a couple of days are reported. There are no dangerous spiders indigenous/naturalised in the UK, so don't worry unnecessarily. I am looking at 2 of these in my living room right now. At the other end of the flat I have multiple Steatoda grossa (close relation). They are very well established in Southern UK. It's also reported that the males don't bite, but I've not taken one
  14. I don't care how much longer it will extend my life, I'm not drinking Nescafe :-)
  15. Brilliant, no doubt some of the brightest minds worked on this, yet they still talk in "cups" as units? Maybe it's actually the water/milk that's doing the good work? :-)
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