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  1. I have an Iper espresso machine. I do enjoy the odd shot of red espresso, but only really find the Yirgacheffe really to my taste. You have a lot less choice in Iper than you do with say Nespresso compatibles (mind you, that doesn't mean you have a great deal of choice in tasty coffee there either), but I do generally prefer Iper over Nespresso/compatibles (less bonkers, soapy crema). It is simple, it is good for those "gimme coffee now, quick" moments. A good as home espresso set up?...Not in terms of choice, nor really in terms of quality of coffee. It definitely has its place, it
  2. For a stronger (moka pot type strength) cup: Inverted, 20g ground coarse (coarser side of manual drip/V60), 125g water, 2x NSEW stirs, flip at 1:15, plunge at 1:30 until you see dry bed. If bitter grind coarser, if weak grind finer.
  3. Walking to work one morning I looked up at the rather odd angle that the level crossing barrier had adopted. The other barrier was at vertical, but the one I was approaching was seemingly stuck at 45 degrees. I was giving it a thorough inspection as I passed beneath it...and then it hit me. The barrier that is, squarely in the forehead. Luckily I wasn't hurt by the impact. Less luckily, I dropped to the floor with shock & I now found myself pinned to the pavement at my waist. Luckily, I was a safe distance from the tracks and the arriving train. I remember looking up and, as the
  4. Sure, for that grind size. A little coarser (not that you have the option right now) and you should be able to go back to 17 or 18g.
  5. I would suggest you get any stirring done early, like as soon as you add the water. I did a brief test years ago, quick stir at start, then progressively longer stirs all at 10min steep. They didn't extract any more but still got progressively more bitter, my hunch was the wetted grounds become more fragile & break down with too much agitation, more small particles make it through the paper & are bittering in the cup. Notice that brews 31 & 25 extracted more where I partially filled, then just let the remaining pour do the wetting. Shorter steeps can be very tasty, but in
  6. No I'm not misunderstanding. You have the ROK, you may as well see if you can improve your coffee in the meantime. Infrequent really great shots are the norm, they need to be really great coffee & well made. You said earlier you couldn't detect what the fault was, by going weaker & starting too coarse, this will make the malfunction clearer. If you don't have a problem, why start the thread (I don't think your problem is thermal management, or if it is for back to back shots why you think the Bambino will be much better). You can extract 12g of coffee to the normal range
  7. I think I'll quit while I'm ahead & just lap up the admiration :-)
  8. If people are enjoying their coffee I don't see why there would be any chagrin. If you're aiming/designing for a different target you get a different result, that's all. He actually provides a link to Adler's technique & suggests trying it.
  9. Most entry level espresso machines have a 15bar vibe pump. If they had a 9bar pump and you wanted to pull shots at 9bar, you wouldn't get a drink. If the coffee is flowing, you are at less than 15bar. Release valve allows pressure to be relieved above 9 bar, but anytime you have flow & the valve isn't kicking in, you are at less than 9bar. Don't worry too much about pressure.
  10. Tamp pressure is not variable that you should use to tune shots, do it the same every time, concentrate on being flat & level.
  11. This isn't the end is it, you're not throwing in the towel after 2 shots after months? :-) "Less sour than before" is good isn't it? OK so, go finer, try 20 on Niche. You can't taste dose, a 1:3.5 shot will be the same strength with a 14g dose, as with a 17g dose, the drink will just be a tiny bit smaller with 14g. But if you think 17g has something going for it, give it a go (I just never got good results with it).
  12. The Sage manual is wrong. If you grind too fine/overdose, then you won't get a reasonable amount of coffee in the cup. The less coffee in the cup, the less your extraction because you won't have washed out enough coffee.
  13. You're not over extracting. You'd need to run loads of water through the puck to do this. Don't use the Razor after tamping. Use it once to determine the dose weight at Razor level (e.g. dose, tamp, Razor & weigh the dose). Why aren't you using the single walled double basket? All you can really do is dose less (try 15g, then 14g...) & tamp as light as useable. You don't need 20kg (I don't know where 20kg came from anyway, that's 44lb!) of pressure, you need to tamp flat, level & consistently. 5kg is enough & surprisingly light. So just do it the same way ea
  14. Sorry, I meant the amount of time you invested v results. I never used that amount of coffee in mine, I was usually around 12-14g. I never got good results at 1:2. If your coffee is an espresso blend try more like 1:3.5, if a light filter roast try 1:5. Don't worry too much about the time, focus more on the grind setting & its affect on flavour balance. I also used to use an Aeropress filter in the bottom of the basket for a cleaner cup. Start about 30 on the Niche & report back. You shouldn't need to change grind setting between back to back shots. I'd recomme
  15. This is an awful story to read, you have had the Niche for 3 months and are still not enjoying your coffee. Why are you sure the Bambino is a solution (I'm not saying it isn't, just I don't see how it is a magic bullet in any way), you have all the same variables as you do with the ROK? The fact that you are also struggling with/shelving V60 is also concerning. You can quickly pre heat the ROK, about 3 flushes does it, then brew. You might well need to brew at longer ratios then commonly seen, to lift extraction. Can you tell us your parameters for your shots & V60 brew
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