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  1. £250 for a use Pharos would be too much. Shot times vary. If they didn't, that would be suspicious. We don't, as yet, have any evidence of a fault. It may well be that there is one, but what is the indicator that this is so? You seem to have a bad feeling/mistrust of the seller. I think your emotional reaction to this purchase is on the negative side & that you're maybe never going to be happy with it. Which is the way things go sometimes, for all of us. But I can't say that you've exhausted giving it a fair crack yet. If the burrs are aligned, then they are aligned coarse & fine. Coarser grinds always look less even than fine, but this is an illusion, because at all settings grinders make dust - dust compared to fine sand looks more even than dust compared to sea salt.
  2. If it's clogging the machine you need to go coarser, or drop the dose a tad. What basket is it? If you're even close to clogging the machine, you will be under-extracting (sour). Zero being the point where your burrs audibly gnash?
  3. What are your shot parameters (dose, grind set, output & time)? Coarse grind setting make fewer particles under a given, small size (under 250um for example)
  4. Isn't it less than half of what was in the green bean usually - often trace, but can be up to about 4% (from up to ~9% in the green)?
  5. Sure, try fining the grind a tad, but also make sure your pours drop straight down from the kettle spout, early ones should take about 10s each, the last ones might take the full 20s. I know what you mean with the bed, the filmy mud suggests to me that the pours/agitation might have been a bit too aggressive. I usually see a good mix of grind sizes atop the bed. If going finer makes the brews a little more bitter/charred, try putting the last 2 pours straight down the middle instead of spirals.
  6. You can get a simple sweetness, but low clarity at very low extractions (a very fast 1:2.0 shot, or maybe a 1:1.0-1:1.3 shot in normal time). Sweetness, with clarity, is easier at higher extractions. At what ratio that occurs will vary, but maybe explore longer shots. Remember the mouthfeel is based on non-dissolved solids, including fine particles of silt that coat your tongue & cause a bittering dryness. Grinding coarser & extracting a longer shot will reduce these, but also reduce perceived body. Also be aware that if you attenuate the bitterness, that tartness can come to the fore (grind finer &/or pull more beverage out). I haven't had sugar in coffee in years, but I'd say that a very sweet shot might taste like it has quarter to half a teaspoon of sugar in it. Generally I'd equate the sweetness to ripe fruit (grapes, peach, plums?), sweeter rose wine like white Zinfandel, 40-60% chocolate? Some coffees are sweeter than others, but if a coffee tastes like it needs added sweetener to balance it, this is not something I'm going to like & I'll either change beans or sanity check what I'm doing while making it. If you regularly take sugar in your coffee, then your datum for sweet is probably different to mine, but maybe stop for a while & see how it goes? Black tea (unsweetened) is never as sweet as coffee, beer very rarely (unless you are into fruit lambics & similar), red & white (non-dessert wines) rarely as sweet. If you don't need sugar in these, for example, I don't know why you would need it in coffee. There's probably a background level of bitterness/dryness that we get used to, so I wouldn't claim that you can make coffee with zero bitterness, but my girlfriend will happily drink my coffee with no sugar (even declare it as "nice"), whereas she always sweetens her tea/cappuccino bought out, or at her house. I don't think there's significant sucrose left in roasted coffee, so something else (balance of acids?) is more likely the root of perceived sweetness. Getting that balance is down in a large part to you & if you do the same thing all the time (e.g. 1:2 shots) and you never make a coffee that can be drunk without sugar, change what you do.
  7. You might have to widen your search. Barn ship to the UK all the time.
  8. The Barn seem to have it in stock?
  9. Single pour & pulsed pour don't seem to have a marked influence on temperature. They're not different things - Pulses for coarse/med grind & 1 mug brews, finer grinds can work with a single, fast pour, or two. A long single pour is just a pulsed pour with no gaps. You seemed to have the grind set at a coarser side at the mo' hence the suggestion to pulse. Why aren't you using the V60 grind? If you keep changing grind you'll be at this for weeks. Flow rate will be similar for all pour styles, unless you go very coarse and pour at something like 1g/s, or less. "Extraction rate" isn't a thing. All you really are doing is hitting a normal extraction range in total (which happens when you get the last beverage in the cup), without making the cup too silty.
  10. It looks quite different to a Melitta, the hole is large like a V60. Do the #2 papers fit OK? Flat bed doesn't tell you much. If the brew is sour, weak, slow down the pour rate. Pour the bloom, then evenly weighted & timed pours until your total weight. You haven't told us anything about the brew, but try 15g coffee 33g bloom, stir leave until 20s, then 33g every 20sec until 233g. Report back.
  11. If it grinds for espresso it will grind for brewed. But I've never seriously ground, even for brewed, with that kind of burr gap.
  12. I can't tell much from that photo. What method are you using to brew & why do you think it is medium? I have noticed with very coarse grind settings with other grinders, bean fragments can get stuck when exiting the burrs.
  13. I don't have a Pharos, but that burr gap looks huge (3-4mm?), why so coarse?
  14. Tasty cups of Cloud Picker, Ethiopia, Arsosala natural Bourbon & Typica & Horsham, Colombia, San Augustin, EA decaf, Caturra & Castillo. 13.5g on Lido 1 at 0.5 (about 22% at 400 Kruve). Bonavita Immersion cone (valve open throughout) & Melitta 102 brewers. Bloom 27g for 40s with a little stir. Up to 215g by 1:00 in a fast spiral with Buono kettle.
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