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  1. I don't change grind as beans age for brewed. Sure a bean might subtly develop, or drop off over a month, but if cups are "terribly sour", either grind is wrong, or you're not being consistent with pouring. Taylor & Jorgen used valveless bags and were the most consistent beans I have had.
  2. You don't need to filter it. Either use it as is, or if your drinks are all overly bright try adding 40-50mg/L of sodium bicarbonate (get some 0.01g scales & add it in 5l batches).
  3. MWJB

    Freedom of Speech

    You might be a believer in this, but it doesn't make it so. This seems like you are absolving yourself of the responsibility that is part of being able to speak freely - you can say what you like, in the knowledge it might be hurtful to someone, but it's then their fault that you can't be civil. I'm not sure why this is so important to people. For example, I hate being told what to do/what I can say/what I ought to think, as much as anyone. But, at the end of the day I'm a person, who has relationships with other people. I like other people & value these relationships. So, if I were to say something (about something they have no control over, nor decision in) that visibly caused hurt in their eyes, then I obviously feel bad. Why would I then continue to do it? How much more important is it for me to be unnecessarily hurtful, than to make a minor adjustment in what I say & be a better friend to people? I have no problem arguing/debating with people if I have a different point of view, or think they are objectively wrong, but I take these points in isolation and it bears little relationship to my feelings towards the person in question. Twitter's posts are checked if they see a "targeted attack" & enforced based on a human checking them. Obviously this can allow bias depending on the adjudicator's viewpoint, but Twitter isn't law. As with comedians, if you don't like it, don't watch it.
  4. MWJB

    Freedom of Speech

    And it would be sci-fi, as this is not known to have occured in humans.
  5. MWJB

    Freedom of Speech

    You did what you did, openly for everyone to see. Take ownership of that, or stop doing it. Your political views were irrelevant in that case. What you did was poor etiquette, however you lean politically.
  6. MWJB

    Freedom of Speech

    I'm not sure you know much about Jordan Peterson. I don't see any parallel between him & @Blue_Cafe
  7. MWJB

    Freedom of Speech

    Freedom of speech only seems to go one way here doesn't it. I just pointed out you were technically wrong, as anyone would be when playing the group identity game. Again, as with God, it was you that brought "scientific facts" to the table. It's not virtue signalling. I'm amazed that you think that you know anything about my political views, having never discussed them with me. The problem here isn't left vs right, it's that you think your opinion has validity over others & you use your voice to shut down discussion You are no different in policy to those you see as the other end of the spectrum.
  8. MWJB

    Freedom of Speech

    Yes you do need to add caveats, because some of us are interested in the individual & freedom of expression, rather than group identity politics. You brought God into this, you tell me.
  9. MWJB

    Freedom of Speech

    Whilst I think it unlikely that everyone who elects to be non-commital (call them what they want anyway, people change their names, why does it bother anyone) about their gender has a genetic condition, there are conditions like Swyer syndrome whee women have XY chromosomes & PMDS where men also have a uterus & fallopian tubes. So what you're saying isn't quite right. Why would God do this?
  10. MWJB

    Freedom of Speech

    You have a legal right to limited free speech, as do most folk in Europe, Scandinavia, Canada & the US (least limited).
  11. Not really, the Mini Slim is a bit more ergonomic.
  12. Ratio doesn't taste of anything, it sets strength range, the flavour balance is achieved by fixing ratio & brew size, then dialling in grind setting & pour rate. Someone here will be brewing 500ml brews with V60 and will be able to advise there, just leaving you to sort the grind setting...as you need to with any brewer, or brew method. If you want scales with a built in timer buy them, I never have and I make drip coffee pretty much every day. I prefer to have separate scale & timer, as you don't need to constantly watch the timer after you have made a few brews, you mostly watch the scales & just glance at the timer every now & then. I also find 2 sets of similar numbers, in the same display distracting (they can often be climbing in similar units & speed) & prefer distinctly different displays. Most people have a stopwatch function on their phone anyway and don't need to buy a specific timer.
  13. To brew 500ml you can use a V60 02 & any 500ml+ flat lipped jug/cheap server. If you go plastic it'll be less than £10, inc. papers (you can even get them from Ocado, which you can't with Chemex papers). There's no such thing as "Coffee scales". Just buy some 2kg or 3kg scales from Amazon, with 0.1g resolution for dosing. Easily available for ~£30. You don't need temp accuracy, you don't need a thermometer, you just brew as soon as the kettle clicks off boil...or boil the water with a regular kettle, preheat & discard, then fill a pouring kettle without an element. 10g:150ml is just a ratio, it guarantees nothing. You need to ascertain the right grind setting and pour rate, then your brews will likely be more consistent than a domestic drip machine and you will be able to avoid watery coffee.
  14. The Wilfa is a more substantial grinder, the KG79 works OK, but is slow to grind & labours with larger doses/harder beans. The extra money for the Wilfa is good value.
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