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  1. Phl1968


    ive orderd . Tugboat solo, Kenya zawadi peaberry and custom house blend https://tugboat.co.uk
  2. Phl1968


    yep just taken another look at the website looks like they distribute coffee from other roasters We’ve teamed up with two coffee roasters to keep us supplied with our weekly roasts and we now have another, independent roaster involved to be able to offer a few, regular, changing single origins that are more limited in quantity. We create our ever expanding range of blends ourselves. should be here later this week so we will see.
  3. Phl1968


    Just orderd a selection of beans from tugboat, anybody have any views or reviews?
  4. try Garath at carvetii coffee
  5. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2780/5032/products/CoffeeVac_Storage_Container_250g_-_square_590x.jpg?v=1521980125 bargain. same thing £17.00 amazon
  6. Hi everybody, Just a quick post to say what a great company this is to deal with, I ordered a new Rocket Cinquantotto from them, it arrived last week so off I went to collect it on Friday. Gareth had emailed me to say he would have it set up and ready for me to test. I arrived and as promised it was all warmed up and ready to go, when I order it I had said I would be looking for a grinder second hand to put me on till my niche arrived, at that he said not to bother as he would loan me a Victoria Arduino MDH till mine arrived. again true to his word there it was ready to go. As a coffee newbie at this level he quickly explained to me the dialling in process and what I should be aiming for, we did a couple of test shots to show me the differences in the grind settings, then he handed me the the rains to let me have a go myself. Then he got some milk and gave me a quick tutorial on milk frothing and proceeded to do a bit of latte art just to show off. He then asked if there was anything I was unsure about, he then cleaned up the machine and re crated for me to take home. But my Biggest surprise is when I came to pay he said to take it home set up and make sure it was ok and then pay him. I don't know many companies would let you walk out the door without paying for such a expensive item and to top it all off he gave me 4 bags of his solitude coffee and a couple of bags of decaf as well. I honestly cannot remember having this kind of service from anyone Please Please buy some coffee from this company, companies like this need to be supported and allowed to flourish, I cannot recommend them enough (1) Carvetii Coffee Roasters
  7. Easy Change Reverse Osmosis System (eastmidlandswater.com) would something like this do the trick.
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ixyybt3hswucbb9/water.pdf?dl=0 link to united utilaties water survay
  9. Getting ready for new machine to arrive and sorting plumbing to direct plumb, Question is do i need a filtration set up I live in Lancashire and United utilities say water is mod soft with a hardness clarke of 6.51 Any advise on this
  10. Been a expensive day today new rocket 58 and a niche grinder.... 😃 Oh and a new fridge freezer to keep the lady of the house happy
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