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  1. TacticalCake

    Mara X

    I went with the stock basket rated for 14-18g I had to grind finer than usual though. Tamping also requires a bit more care than usual. Perhaps the recent 18g trend simply has "too much body"?
  2. TacticalCake

    Mara X

    Lately been having great results with going lower than normal dose. I used to dose around 17-18g but has now dropped to 14-14.5g The sweetness really shines when you don't heavily dose it. This works even for milk based drinks. Obviously this may depend on your beans, but I've been getting consistent results with the staple beans I consume from my country.
  3. TacticalCake

    Mara X

    I realized this may come across as pretty silly, but does anyone noticed their MaraX ran abit more noisier than you first got it over the few months of use? The chasis seems to be a bit more "rattle-ly" compared to when I first got it when the pump's being turned on.
  4. TacticalCake

    Mara X

    Just did my first chemical backflush after a month with Cafiza 2. There's no such thing as delaying the cam lubrication. I almost immediately heard squeaks whilst backflushing the unit. Thankfully I bought a large tube of Molycote 111 before my MaraX even arrived. 😁 Pretty sure all E61s will need to be lubed every time it's backflushed with chemicals.
  5. Trying to change the burrs but the two bolts are stuck and I can't remove them. Anymore and I'll probably end up stripping the bolts. Any ideas?
  6. TacticalCake

    Mara X

    My two cents. I bought a generic E61 bottomless portafilter and the lips are 0.5mm thicker than the one on the pf that came with the MaraX. I could not properly lock the PF to the 6oclock like the original one. As suspected, it turns out the MaraX comes with a 8.5mm thick gasket. I changed it to a 8.0mm Red Cafelat Gasket and the generic bottomless just fits very well at 6 oclock while the stock marax pf now locks slightly past 6 oclock. IMO it doesn't really matter and comes down to which direction you want your PF to lock at. If you prefer to standardize your MaraX to typical E61
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