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  1. I have never tried that, and will do. Don't you find it too rich? and what ratio of Coffee:Milk do you use in your Jersey drinks?
  2. I have been looking for a Kefir recipe - got worried about bacterias. Do you mind sharing your process?
  3. I have been trying different ones making cappuccino and ice cream at home. I wonder what your favourite in the UK is?
  4. What is the difference between those 2? They seem to be design and built by the same guys...
  5. I am getting ready to travel again as vaccination day is nearing. But am now addicted to good quality coffee! I have just bought an Aeropress and wonder which manual grinder would suit best? Carrying the niche around is not practical really...
  6. and I am in too good of a mood to be confrontational and argumentative - happy to hear our your best suggestion for £30 or let's refocus this thread to what it is meant to be: best discounted coffee for £18 delivered.
  7. again, happy to follow you lead here: I have given you a benchmark: Ehiopian washed Yigarcheffe. as for coupons, you may or may not believe my when I say that I have not bought a single bean in 2020 without a coupon. And I do not see them going away anytime soon. They are temporary for anyone loyal to a single roaster, which I am not.
  8. isn't 2021 the year we took back control?
  9. Fair enough, but there is universality in taste. How else does Robert Parker rank wines? But happy to follow your lead here on my next purchase: Coupon on he side (they are a fact and have to be taken into consideration, I have not made a single purchase in 2020 without one) which coffee for £30 do you find twice better than an £18 Yigarcheffe from a reputable roaster like Extract? Happy to spend more, but would really like to see the premium paid reflected in the cup.
  10. £18 per kg delivered is the sweet spot IMHO after few years of testing... benefits on money spent above that level is hit-or-miss with marginal benefits. 2021 for me is getting the best beans for this budget, starting with high altitude washed Yigarcheffes
  11. Have a look at these guys: https://whiterosecoffeeroasters.co.uk/ Great prices.
  12. The 30% extract code is great. TBH i am drinking today the coffee compass mystery coffee (latest edition) and that things feels like £30 per kg....give it a try
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