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  1. Nice one @Shorticus, it's a deal! It was also my feeling that there wouldn't be a need for further upgrades when I was stretching the budget to buy a Vesuvius (in favour of a much more expensive La Marzocco). Moving to DM for the arrangements.
  2. Hi @Shorticus. Thank you for your offer, if you are willing to meet me halfway and offer £1,375 then I think we'd be there.
  3. Thanks @danielpugh, fortunately I'm not in a rush ... prefer to wait for someone that will enjoy it and the lovely coffee it can produce. I nearly said someone who will give it a good home!
  4. Thanks for making contact @Instant no more ! I'm a Londoner by birth and have often made to journey to Washington, so I can really empathise with your "long journey" sentiment.
  5. @GrahamSPhillips I'm a 74 year old arthritis in my spine and elsewhere, so am unable to do much beyond a monthly chemical backflush and regreasing ... now there's a thought I wonder if the silicone molycote would free up some of my joints!
  6. Thank you for your offer @GrahamSPhillips but, having just paid over £220 to have the machine fully serviced for it's new owner, I'm sorry to say that your offer is too low on this occasion. Best wishes Rod
  7. @Kyle TSorry for the delayed response but I've had a big toenail removed and can only wear socks over the dressing and the recent rain and wet ground have prevented me getting to the garage to check the apparent scratching at the bottom left (drip tray front) that I hadn't noticed until it was mentioned in your post above. With a stick and extra sock, I managed to get out to examine it today. Most of it wiped away with a dampened finger but we are both right, there is some scratching underneath which looks minor enough to polish out. I hope this clarifies the situation for you.
  8. @Kyle T There are some minor scratches, consistent with its age and priced accordingly, which may be able to be polished out. There is one that won't polish out, caused by a wrench on the top of the steam arm. It still looks good and functions superbly. I've never seen the row of dots along the top front before taking the photo and suspect they are reflections.
  9. Thank you John, your support is much appreciated.
  10. Purchased on 29 October 2014 from Bella Barista. This world's first advanced prosumer, computer controlled pressure profiling espresso machine using an E61 group set a new standard. It is a true first generation production model and not formerly used as for exhibition display or one of the 10 pre-production machines intended for dealerships which were not intended for sale. The machine has been used daily; pulling & steaming 3-4 shots per day, i.e. an estimated 8,000 shots. Initially I tried out the various profiles recommended by other CFUK members, particularly liking the lever mach
  11. I bought a couple recently when our Vesuvius needed repair that was beyond my ageing abilities. My wife and I usually drink latte, so I decided to try making flat whites and see how she like it. Her description of my lattes has always been "lovely" but she upgraded this to "beautiful" and over the next days and weeks told me she preferred her coffee made that way. It's also a bit more portable! Decision made, I called the engineer working on our V and asked him to do a thorough service on the machine to prepare it for sale.
  12. Having owned several grinders I read DavecUK's review on the Niche Zero with great interest and then bought one. I had an early small issue with mine where it seemed to be eating my beans with output being considerably less. This was because a circlip had become disengaged and I couldn't access the area as, a short call and it went back and was quickly returned. I opted to buy the little disc to stop popcorning and it works a brilliantly. Overall my experience has been, and still is, brilliant.
  13. My ethiopian swiss water decaf from coffee compass costs me just under £65 for 6 x 500g bags incl delivery and lasts approx 6 weeks, so it costs approx £44 a month. Bye the way, it's lovely!
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