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  1. Thanks again @MildredM for your help posting my photos.
  2. Thanks @Junglebert wishing you joy of your new grinder.
  3. Package has just been collected by Parcelforce. Tracking number is included in the copy of the email I received confirming the shipping order that I forwarded to you. Would be grateful if you'd confirm safe arrival. Thanks.
  4. £310 received with thanks via PayPal. Now sorting out the shipping to get it to you.
  5. £310 delivered agreed. I'll message you with my email address to use with PayPal.
  6. Sorry @Tsangpa I'm disabled and in my mid 70s. Express 48 hour from Parcel force will cost me £23.40 which I can't afford. So my bottom line has to be £300 and buyer arranges and pays for collection.
  7. Thank you for your offer Tsangpa. At £300 via Paypal it's going to cost me 3.4% to sell it, just over £10 meaning, that I'd receive £280 or less depending on where it has to be sent. It is a very good grinder in very good condition and I see a new 65e currently costs £600 plus shipping, so I'm unwilling to accept your offer unless you are prepared to meet me halfway and arrange/fund the shipping.
  8. Absolutely KTD, it's only had light morning use together with the occasional supper party.
  9. I've had my Niche Zero for a couple of months now and am absolutely delighted with it. On buying my NZ as a result of DaveC's review, I also splashed out and bought the Acaia Lunar to replace my battery hungry Brewista. What a difference, the quality of my shots and therefore my lattes has improved markedly giving richer and tastier results. I've read that going from flat burrs to conical burrs can make a difference but I didn't expect it to be so dramatically better, which it is. My workflow hasn't changed much as I always weighed beans and grinds and then shot output as well. It's such a delight to get out almost the same weight in grinds as the weight of beans put into the NZ, with on demand it was never close and therefore I felt that I had no control over that variable in my process, I do now! The Acaia Lunar is a delight compared to the Brewista which would gobble up a pair of AAA alkaline within 5 days, it was the same with the replacement as well. My solution was to leave the battery compartment open on only insert the batteries when needed, taking them out immediately after. The result being that the batteries lasted approx 3 months before needing replacement. None of that with the Lunar. It's also possible to turn off some options in the settings allowing me to use only the droplet mode, which starts the timer when it detects flow and turns it off when it stops. I found the auto reset to be a nuisance so turned it off in the settings, now the time and weight remain displayed until I'm ready to change them.
  10. Hello Charlie I haven't heard from Dizzy for over 24 hours. Are you still interested at my bottom line price of £300 collected? Rod
  11. You can have it for £300 if you arrange and pay for collection.
  12. Hi Dizzy, yes it is still available if you are interested.
  13. Hello Charlie. Yes, still available if you are interested.
  14. Just for transparency, @shere PM'd offering £280 delivered. I'll reply here since forum rules say trading should all happen in the thread, that at the moment I'm looking to hold out for closer to asking price. Thanks! 
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