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  1. Just for transparency, @shere PM'd offering £280 delivered. I'll reply here since forum rules say trading should all happen in the thread, that at the moment I'm looking to hold out for closer to asking price. Thanks! 
  2. The first interested party has withdrawn his interest.
  3. Thanks Mildred, that'd be a great help. Could you message me your email address please?
  4. Hi AJSK. I'm near Newcastle in the NE. Do you get up around here at all? It would be a good step up from the mignon but I don't know the new model.
  5. Purchased new, on reading Dave Corby's glowing review, from Bella Barista in June 2014. Sadly I don't have a copy of that review but there is a comparative review with the Mazzer Mini E on BB's website, which I do have. Matt black version, lovingly kept in excellent condition and will be supplied in the original Eureka box. There is a small break in the lip of the short hopper which is covered by the black lid. Used on the 2.75 grind setting for espresso and milk based espresso drinks. Based on monthly bean purchases from Coffee Compass, it has ground about 170kg. Personal inspection welcomed. Payment of £325 by PayPal must be cleared before the grinder is taken away. There are 7 photos available to email or Viber that use too much memory to post here.
  6. Thanks Glenn, it's good to be back.
  7. Thanks to all that welcomed me back, it's appreciated.
  8. Hi Nicknak. I used to run a RYA shorebased sailing school, distance learning and all that. For some reason kept using the avatar picture even after dissolving the company. Happy sailing!
  9. Hi igm45. I think it was 3 or 4 years go. I'm very happy with it indeed, it is such good quality and does all I desire so I can't perceive wanting to upgrade from it, even if I could lift it from the counter!
  10. Hello everyone. Just a short post to reintroduce myself after not posting since buying my Vesuvius. I'm Rod and live in Washington in NE England. I call myself a coffee lover even though my wife and I drink decaff lattes ... a double sin for espresso lovers! To be honest, I do enjoy taking a sip of my 19g espresso shot before adding the milk.
  11. His name is Rod, hi again 😀 I've been sourcing from Has Bean for quite a while now after tasting their El Meridiano but when they run out each winter the alternative they provide isn't so good. This time round my wife has noticed the change and prefers a fuller body decaf. Unfortunately HB only keep 1 decaf in stock. After catching up with David, I had another look at Compass and see they now stock several decafs, so I rang them. Yet to be added to the website is the El Hatto (spelling?) which David liked. The call did the trick and I just ordered 1kg of med roast and 1kg of dark, fingers crossed! Price was very palatable compared to HB. Thanks for the heads up from this thread.
  12. Thanks. I just placed an order for 8 bags of Nicaragua Las Morenitas. This is quite a departure for us as we always go for decaff, so looking forward to the experience.
  13. Hi Enomis and welcome. Lovely Bergen! My wife and I were there on a fjords cruise just 5 weeks ago. If only DFDS would reinstate it's Newcastle to Bergen service.
  14. My wife and I enjoy a smooth & sweet latte. What would you recommend please?
  15. Delighted with my Brewista and am finding the Auto4 program very useful. Both the timer and the weighing start as soon as the first of the extraction hits the cup which is perfect for my needs. In addition, for backflushing it allows use of the timer button on its own. I use the V's display to get 15 seconds of backflushing when I half lower the lever to hold the hot water in the pre-infusion chamber to hot soak there as well, after 15 seconds on the Brewista timer, the lever is completely lowered expelling the water and the cycle repeated for a total of 4 cycles. CoffeeHit could have done a much better job with the packing. Simply putting the Brewista in a box large enough to take it and adding the 500g in to rattle around in the substantial space remaining without any packing just wasn't good enough. Fortunately, there's no perceivable damage.
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