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  1. thanks all, this is great! I'm kind of excited, but sure I'll do something irreparable!! it does make coffee so finger's x'd it looks worse outside than it is inside.. yep, I've got a couple of replacements from espresso shop for every bolt except for probably the two most important ones: 36 ( stainless 12mm M5 body to boiler hex) and 31 (galvanised 12mm M5 solenoid to boiler hex) can't find identical cap head replacements in screwfix/toolstation so will try amazon.
  2. naively reckon I'll be fine with the plate, more worried about getting off those 2 super corroded bolts between the solenoid & the boiler. yeah.. bit under £100, thought an ok price for a well-looked-after one but starting to reconsider! tools + parts = price adds up quick. cheers for those thoughts. yep its the corroded bolts that make me most nervous. I figured classics seem pretty rock solid. but still don't want to take apart the boiler and find for whatever reason I can't put it back together securely..
  3. thanks both - v helpful. the espresso shop service kit comes with thermostat & gasket so I'll get that and some screws and a shower screen holder. brass shower holder is the same price as oem here. https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Gaggia-Brass-Shower-Plate-Holder-ø-57x14mm---WGA16G1002/m-1976.aspx could I use wd40 as the release agent? I'll shoot for some decent tooling but the price quickly adds up! I'll save fixing the light for later I think as will already be paying as much as if I'd got a pre-serviced eBay jobby!! / don't want to bite off more than I can chew
  4. hiya, thanks, thought I might. 'not terrible' is good news though! do you think the brew switch not lighting could be sorted with a new thermostat pair?
  5. hi all! yet another newby with an eBay 2010 classic. listing said regularly descaled and serviced often though now needs another service as last one was 18months ago. i'm no expert but looking at the shower screen holder and the edges of the boiler it looks like a lot more than 18 months since last service... I have a few issues / questions - the shower screen holder is so corroded that I think it needs replacing? is there a general preference for brass vs stainless steel or OEM aluminium replacements? will do the gasket too of course - the scale buildup around the boiler and corrosion near the solenoid worry me too, but it seems to run dry even after a few shots. do I need to take it apart to investigate? - the brew light doesn't come on, even after 15+ minutes. the switch connections look like they're in, so is this probably the thermostat? - there's also these slightly sticky dots on the tube to the solenoid. anyone know what they are?? I am a bit worried that I got a turkey, but also excited that trying to fix these problems will help me understand how it works in more depth. keen not to jump into trying to repair without all the info! huge thanks!!
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