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  1. I could be interested. For some reason I am not getting emails from the forum but I will check back to see if you've replied. Photos would be good.
  2. Did this ever go anywhere? Round 2 this year?
  3. Can I ask where you go those parts from? Maplin or random eBay sellers? I'm keen to make a temperature version too.
  4. Thanks for the heads up with the link! I agree Revelation is very dark! I'm current enjoying Square Mile's espresso subscription as my tastes are towards lighter / more acidic espresso
  5. I've ended up putting the item on eBay due to slow response. I may still be able to cancel the auction if there is sufficient interest on here as I'd rather sell on here to someone who is part of the community. There's a picture of the manual and the CD for the PID fitting which was done by http://www.pidkits.com/ Controller 93 SSR Crydom S I've also added a picture of the service receipt from this year. Note that the service charge at £41 + new pump at £35 + VAT = £91 Also I wanted to clarify that there are some minor marks on the base plate so I've added a close up
  6. EDIT NOW SOLD Rancilio Silvia v2 from 2007 in excellent condition, Lovingly looked after with regular de-scaling and backflushing. It has been fitted with an official PID (Watlow 93) PID I bought this item on eBay in January 2012 from someone who had damaged the pump and I had the machine looked at by the official Rancilio repair centre in London. It has had a full service and repaired and I have the full documentation for the service. The machine comes with a portafilter and a range of baskets for single and double shots, blind basket, and also a small plastic tam
  7. I am interested in this - please keep me posted.
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