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  1. Thanks all for the welcome. @Jon_Foster Unfortunately I'm pretty sure my portafilter (seen in the photo) cant easily be fitted to a gauge. I think I have found a conventional one to borrow so I can do the OPV mod though. What made you set to 6 vs the conventional 9 bar?
  2. Hello all, Fairly new to coffee but finding the forum really useful so thought I would say hello. Once I got bored of baking sourdough during lockdown I decided I needed a new hobby. I bought an old 2001 Gaggia classic off someone on facebook marketplace. It seems to be in great condition, no rust, and no evidence of any leaks when looking inside, however I don't know much about how it's been maintained. I also bought a 1zpresso jx pro direct from their website, which was delivery quickly (I have had to pay import tax however have managed to get out of the FedEx fee). It's my first g
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