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  1. Thanks for the heads up. With these new additions I think I have a month before I will have to wash up.
  2. I bought a dual boiler from them recently in ‘good’ condition vs this ones ‘reasonable’ my ‘good‘ was out of the box for 5 minutes before being packed back up for a refund. You might get a good one but it is definitely a lottery. They sometimes have refurbished with some warranty for not a lot more (assuming you can still bag the discount).
  3. Five years on. Here are the twins.
  4. Well I tried a Sage DB from XSitems. It seems the condition is a lottery and the one that arrived had clearly been ‘loved’ so that went back. Settled on a mini v2 and will probably service the existing one.
  5. They always look just right to me 😀 Did you get it new?
  6. Classic looks very nice in red 👍
  7. Hi. Thanks. I've just been reading on the warranty - JL and Sage both mention 2 years could I confirm if it is 3 years warranty you have? Also to register the warranty I'd need a copy of the receipt from JL.
  8. Hello What colour is the machine?
  9. The easy option is to buy a new machine of course. The la spaz does everything I need so my mind isn’t made up just yet. New machines that have caught my eye from looking yesterday: Sage DB ACS minima Lelit bianca - although the bolt on tank bugs me atm.
  10. Looking for some advice. I’m wondering whether to buy a new machine (double boiler) or do a complete overhaul on my existing la spaziale s1. What would be the popular db options right now to consider?
  11. Received ok and gave it a run yesterday. Cheers Oblivion and Happy Christmas!
  12. It has been a few years since I've bought / sold on here and I didn't remember about this. I checked another thread that concluded without a sale being agreed openly. I'd offered £115 inc postage. Oblivion countered at £120 inc postage which I accepted.
  13. Every time I read this thread it seems like I'm adding movies to my watch list. Spectre last weekend - it was ok but didn't wow me.
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