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  1. Received ok and gave it a run yesterday. Cheers Oblivion and Happy Christmas!
  2. It has been a few years since I've bought / sold on here and I didn't remember about this. I checked another thread that concluded without a sale being agreed openly. I'd offered £115 inc postage. Oblivion countered at £120 inc postage which I accepted.
  3. Every time I read this thread it seems like I'm adding movies to my watch list. Spectre last weekend - it was ok but didn't wow me.
  4. Off to a new end of town tomorrow. Is there anything really worth visiting around Temple / Strand?
  5. Can you tell if this is a pod machine from the model number?
  6. I miss going there on my way to work. Hopefully they'll get going again.
  7. I'm wondering if this is my old ts? Either way it is a great machine with super steam power.
  8. I'm lost. Will reading all 19 pages help clarify things?
  9. Southpaw

    JB kaffee

    My gear hasn't been up and running much since I moved so I thought it was time to stock back up. Every website should make you order in another language
  10. Sorry all, my thread updates have turned off so I've only just seen the updates and offer. I'll accept your offer Mr CC and I'll pm my number cheers.
  11. Mothers milk & kaffine were my favourites for coffee. A candi kitchen is a good shout for lunch or possibly wahaca on Charlotte St?
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