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  1. Thank you so much. This is extremely helpful! My steam boiler pressure is set at just over 2! Altering it this morning.
  2. Thank you! I love RealChrisBaca and James Hoffman, both very knowledge and one more entertaining than the other but good nonetheless. I’ll watch some of their videos. I think it just be my technique, I realise that I try and fully turn the steam knob to get maximum impact but maybe only need to turn it a little.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a new linea mini coffee machine and would love to get your suggestions on temperature pre brewing, any other settings and tips/how to’s. I went from a sage dual boiler to this and the steam wand frightens me every time. I have two questions that I’d love your advice on: 1. My Coffees are really hot and I noticed that the temperate was set to 97 degrees. My sage was set to 93. What is the optimal temperature? 2. Somehow I manage to add too much air into my milk every time, it literally overflow and comes out of the pitcher. Any other tips a
  4. Thank you @CocoLoco, just ordered a push tamper!
  5. I have a linea mini, la marzocco 58mm portafilter.
  6. Loving all the recommendations. @DDoe, I think that one is a bit extreme for me and i literally have no more space in my kitchen for large devices. I didn’t even know such a think existed, but thank you. @CocoLoco @spasypaddy - thank you. I’ll have a look at these tonight. I have noticed that some are a .5 diameter bigger than a basket. Do you suggest going for slightly bigger push tampers?
  7. Hi everyone, I’m a newbie here and looking for some recommendations on a decent tamper and thoughts on a distribution tool? I have searched all previous posts, but they are either a few years old or don’t have enough suggestions for me. I find it difficult to consistently tamp and my small hands (I’m a petite female) don’t make it easy. Distribution also seems to be an issue for me, as there is often channeling, results in wasted shots. I also upgraded my coffee machine to the Linea Mini with the La Marzocco by Mazza Lux D grinder, so the equipment is good, it’s just my tamping a
  8. Hi, I have a new sage dual boiler machine that I’m selling. It’s great for anyone wanting to learn how to brew coffee in the traditional method, with limited prior experience. My machine was sent away to repair a light and was damaged en route. It has been replaced with a new machine. We couldn’t wait for the new machine to arrive so have ended up buying a different coffee machine, as we are coffee obsessed! Selling for £999, plus I’ll throw in the sage but coffee grinder for free. RRP £1299.
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