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  1. That was quick 😀 I’ve PM’d the code to you.
  2. As I was considering upgrading from the Barista Express to the Dual Boiler I attended a Sage sponsored online coffee masterclass. It being well known that attendees would receive a Sage Discount code. However, my plans have changed so I’m offering the code to the first person to post a reply requesting it. T&C from the covering email are...
  3. Quite similar to Tom’s suggestion, but rather than organised as a diary, instead offer the ability to create a reference card for each coffee that you try. On the card in addition to thoughts on the coffee you could provide tabulated space for Bean age vs Grind Setting vs extract time. The above data could then be included as a scatter plot (gotta love a pretty graph) to show how the bean progressed as it aged.
  4. I placed my order less than 24 hours ago, and there are already 10 new orders on the queue behind me! Looks like you are heading towards a very busy Q4. I think the visible queue is a great idea as I’m sure it will cut down some traffic from prospective owners asking “is it ready yet ?”
  5. Replacement purchased and fitted, Sage didn’t have any in stock but I was able to find a couple on Amazon
  6. Would you count a split group seal as a failure or just normal wear and tear?
  7. I’m in a similar position, Niche arrived last week and now sitting alongside the BE. Looked at a lot of machines to upgrade to, but what is currently holding me back is the warm up time compared to the Sage. The Sage can be ready within 10 seconds of turning on, and that is the workflow that my better half is used to. If I explain I would like to spend a four figure sum to get a better machine, BUT it would need to be switched on 20-30 minutes before making the coffee then I’m going to get one of those looks.
  8. 4 years old - group seal failed - not plumbed
  9. Linking the two replies, I’m sure my grandmother had a bathroom suite in this colour...😄
  10. Yikes, that has gone to the top of the list of reasons to my better half of why we need a new machine!!
  11. Hmmmm - but it will do 120 cups of espresso an hour - it must be good 😄
  12. So, I’ve been upgrading recently... Osmio Zero is glugging away in place of the kettle. Niche Zero grinding contently to itself. Are there any “0” named espresso machines so that I can claim the happy family set? 🥳
  13. We’ve had a barista express for a few years now and today received a niche from the September group. The first two grinds choked the BE, the third was a bit slow and slightly bitter and the fourth was the best espresso I’ve had from the machine. So yes, if I can achieve that on the first evening with the niche, I’m sure you can do a lot better.
  14. Good point, though isn’t the output of the Zero measured to be slightly acidic? Probably not enough though.
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