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  1. Thanks for taking the time to check for me! Might up the pressure slightly to make it 10 bar static and hopefully 9 bar on extraction. Pretty happy with my shots now though so unsure!
  2. Nice one if you've got the time and haven't chucked the old one could you please compare the reading between the leaking/new gauges? Just wondering how much variation there is and if I need to make a little blind adjustment.
  3. It's definitely past it's best, I set my machine at 9.5 to account for slight leakage, was going to set at 10 originally.
  4. @Uncletits posted today via 2nd signed for, should be 3 days max!
  5. @Mulligrub Thanks adjusted now so will hold it for the next recipient!
  6. I would like to use it after you please, thanks!
  7. Got this one going cheap and cheerful £12 delivered. Ceramic burrs and hardly used.
  8. It was a gift but I believe it is this listing on Amazon: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07LBQCS1M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_bzouFbTV3MT55
  9. I've got this one going for £12 delivered if you want it, ceramic burrs and hardly used.
  10. Here's one I don't use anymore (58mm portafilter for scale), it's a bit dented in places but fully functional and sturdy. How does £10 delivered sound?
  11. I've got one (size 2) I'm willing to let go along with 18 hario papers for £10 delivered.
  12. FYI I believe the weights are 7g & 14g
  13. I have original pressurised baskets (1 single, 2 double) with the crema pins if you're interested. Would like £7 per item roughly.
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