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  1. If I want buy parts for install Rancilio V3 wand. I need 3 nuts, tube, and holder? Like in Ferrary Espresso. Someone know which sizes of nuts thread I need? Maybe I can find it in local store.
  2. Yeah, it seems we understand each other now 😏 It was so close that I almost order it😱 Thank you! Michael87. I can made good foam now, but I hope with more holes try to get better foam. Is there possible create foam like in caffee bar? I mean foam which is strong attached to the milk, when pushed foam with spoon it is not separate, and it looks greasy, more like yogurt then milk! And heavy?
  3. Which nut? I watched video installing wand and I saw that on old gaggia exist nut on the middle of pipe (if we talking of the middle of pipe), but on my Classic Pro on middle there is no nut - the one pipe go in other pipe and there is a buckle which hold in it together (see picture). There is no thread. I have nut on the end of pipe (on solenoid valve). If you mean that, thats mean I need buy full size of pipe, but on my link which I send you is only half of pipe on Ebay.
  4. Are you sure that Rancilio wand V2 goes to Classic Pro? On my wand not exist big nut in the middle of pipe like on v2 version. πŸ™„πŸ€” I want buy this from ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rancilio-Silvia-V1-V2-Steam-Wand-With-Additional-3-Hole-Tip/281622894975?hash=item419208597f:g:kvAAAOSwOqBbTeWS Or I must find whole pipe?
  5. So what? He want just help.. I see. I assume that thermostat get temperature on his screw, can I get more precisely messaure if set sensor wire around that screw?
  6. Oh now understand. No too much help of this sensor.. And PID holding water stable. So I assume that temp. can be adjusted by myself? And what about steaming wth PID, is there just need to adjust higher temp. then brew? How do I know that I not distroy a boiler with set overheat temp. with PID?
  7. Because I bought a new one (155c), which must replace it. Instead counting a seconds, Temp. sensore will be more useful, right? And hope it will working to show temp. from outside of boiler. Not matter is it accurate, just consistency every time.
  8. I got big crema ! πŸ˜ƒ Now. It seems that for PID must remove out thermostat. I don't want that. But, I want only see boiler temperature (for steaming and brew water, right?). Can I do that without removing thermostat (or any parts) out, like only put sensor from side of boiler to show me temperature? Temp. sensor
  9. Why is that BSP 1/16, when is Gaggia Europe model from Italy? πŸ€”
  10. I was happy today to recieve a new coffee beans! And hoping to test it, I click the button on my GCP and power light won't stay on!!😱 Same problem. But I must drink coffee 😱 Can I awoid that by hold button in place with stick or plastic, would be that burn the house? what can I do?
  11. Yes, sorry. I was figured out later.. I can't belive it that don't exist anywhere on the Earth a "male" BSP 1/16 thread!! How is that possible? 😲 There is a one page where can built own custom fitting: https://www.adaptall.com/products/Build-Your-Own-Fitting-Summary.php I don't know is that expencive a lot?
  12. I searched adapters and find this, why not install M10 tip? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Fitting-Pipe-BSPP-BSP-1-16-Female-to-Metric-M10-M10X1-Male-Gauge-Adapter-P-70-/201797342328 And tip M10: https://www.bluestarcoffee.eu/ascaso-barista-steam-nozzle-m10-6628-p.asp Look my attached diagram please.
  13. Hi. On this channel you can follow my videos about Gaggia Classic Pro and Graef CM900. https://youtu.be/wnABUMAuMAY πŸ™‚
  14. Yes, I working with weight. So, 36g. in real can be double, and 18g. can ne single. That I want to know πŸ‘πŸ» No. I use double just for Dailing-in with grinder to set my expresso, or use when making one for myself and one from someone in the house. Not throwing away. When you order double expresso outside, how much ml you get in cup, aprox?
  15. Hi. As title says, I am a little conffused what is difference in single/double shot of expresso when Dail in and how to serve it to my guest. a) First, If I Dail-in double basket shot 18.g.-in, 36g.-out in 20-30 second, that will be double expresso. But Definition of Double shot is 60ml. If someone want Double expresso I must give him 60ml? So, it will be extended shot and not will be 1:2? b) Second, what is single then? 36ml to me is too strong (after dail in from double basket), so I use half of that - 18 ml, can be that single shot or must be 30 for single shot? (talking about
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