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  1. Sorry, I obviously wasn’t thinking when I wrote that! I meant the Pstat basically switch’s the heating element on and off.
  2. Has anyone else pre-ordered the Nano 7e from Kaffelogic's website?
  3. Thanks @Marocchino for clarifying, that is interesting! So I guess maybe Londinium is using temperature to infer pressure in the boiler and switch the heating element on and off.
  4. I had a look and I can't see specifically in that blog post how that is inferred? Anyway, based on my understanding the Pstat on the R24 controls the boiler pressure not the temperature. The Thermistor is being used in place of the Pstat to control boiler pressure. I am sure someone with more technical expertise than me can chime in if this is not correct. My understanding is that this is not a fundamental change to the design of the R24 and it was to eliminate the noise that is associated with a Pstat as some people find it annoying.
  5. An interesting update from Londinium regarding the Pstat, the R24 is no longer shipping with the Sirai pressure switch and it has been replaced with thermistor which eliminates the clicking sound. This is also available as an upgrade to existing machines but not sure it is worth the cost (unless you are sensitive to the noise) as it makes no difference in the cup. https://londiniumespresso.com/blog/news/3433/all-of-our-current-product-range-is-now-in-its-final-form
  6. What about the Kaffelogic Nano 7e, I don't have any experience with it, but understand that some roasters in NZ and Australia are using it as a sample roaster. Kaffelogic are now taking pre-orders on their website for the CE certified version.
  7. Thanks for clarifying Matt. I have backed the kickstarter campaign so here is hoping it gets funded!
  8. Hi Matt, appreciate the insight and I am actually interested in the Kaffelogic, but some might be skeptical given that your first post here is promoting Kaffelogic's Kickstater campaign,do you have any affiliation with them?
  9. As the title suggests I am looking for an old and preferably vintage La Pavioni Europiccola that can become my next project and I can strip down and restore. I don't have any experience restoring espresso machines but I am looking for a new project, I prefer lever machines (I already own a Londinium) and I have limited space so figure the La Pavioni would be a good machine to start on. I am comfortable to strip it down, descale and replace seals or parts as needed. If anyone has one that would they be willing to sell, please let me know. It doesn't need to be fully functional but
  10. Glad to hear you got it sorted!
  11. Sorry not sure what the issue is then, I am still running the old version of the IOS app and that is working fine. I did see Reiss' announcement that their will be a new app shortly but it sounded like it would take several days to be approved by Apple for release.
  12. You can’t log in to the app or when you run the reconfigure process the app doesn’t see your machine? If it’s the later try turning your machine on and off and try again and also check if your Londinium machine is showing in your the list of available wifi networks in your phones settings after turning it on. Otherwise if you can’t sort it reach out to Reiss (again if you already did because he will assume it is the same issue we all had) and I’m sure he will help you resolve the issue.
  13. Did you go to reconfigure in the App? You will need to set up the wifi again in the app.
  14. Have you followed the procedure in the Londinium permanent file to reconnect: sign out of app, close the app by swiping up, turn the machine off for 3 minutes. Then turn machine back on and log back into the app. If you have tried that a couple of times and it still doesn’t work I would try resting the machine.
  15. Just a heads up to everyone that has been having issues, I have just had success reconnecting the machine/ app. I had reset the machine last night so used the reconfigure function in the app and it worked straight away.
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