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  1. Sorry not sure what the issue is then, I am still running the old version of the IOS app and that is working fine. I did see Reiss' announcement that their will be a new app shortly but it sounded like it would take several days to be approved by Apple for release.
  2. You can’t log in to the app or when you run the reconfigure process the app doesn’t see your machine? If it’s the later try turning your machine on and off and try again and also check if your Londinium machine is showing in your the list of available wifi networks in your phones settings after turning it on. Otherwise if you can’t sort it reach out to Reiss (again if you already did because he will assume it is the same issue we all had) and I’m sure he will help you resolve the issue.
  3. Did you go to reconfigure in the App? You will need to set up the wifi again in the app.
  4. Have you followed the procedure in the Londinium permanent file to reconnect: sign out of app, close the app by swiping up, turn the machine off for 3 minutes. Then turn machine back on and log back into the app. If you have tried that a couple of times and it still doesn’t work I would try resting the machine.
  5. Just a heads up to everyone that has been having issues, I have just had success reconnecting the machine/ app. I had reset the machine last night so used the reconfigure function in the app and it worked straight away.
  6. If the issue is not resolved quickly, you can still change the PI by removing the side panel and using the buttons under the screen. It is bit of a faff but you should still be able to adjust the PI.
  7. If you press and hold the up button (button on left) under the screen the machine should come out of stand by mode. However, I don't know if it will switch back to standby again after a given period of time. Worth a try if it means you can have coffee in the morning!
  8. I am also having a similar issue with my R24 so wondering if the Blynk server may be down, My R24 lost connection this morning at 10:22 and I have tried taking the side panel off this evening and resetting but it still won't connect.
  9. I have not tried their beans yet but just had a very nice latte from Volcano's pop up cafe in Brixton. In fact the best I have had in London for a while!
  10. Thanks Zeak - I will check it out!
  11. Hi Andy, Welcome to the forum! I am sure you will find lots of information here to help in your quest to make a half decent latte/ espresso! What set up are you working with? I.e. machine and grinder etc?
  12. Does anyone have a Saint Anthony Industries' BT Wedge Distribution Tool (58.3mm) lying around that they are not using and would be interested in selling?
  13. Interesting observations about impact of WDT on the level of roast! I use WDT(Londinium tool) with niche and mostly on medium roasts: I do find it does make a difference i.e. no channelling and consistent shot times. Do you grind directly into the portafilter or what is your routine if not using WDT on more developed roasts?
  14. As the post suggests I am looking for some inspiration for my next beans purchase for espresso, I have been working my way though some different roasters based in the UK to see whats out there ( the thread with UK based roasters and also 'whats in your cup this morning' have been useful!) but I would be keen to see if anyone has anything that they are drinking at the moment that is excellent and that they would recommend? Also, my partner drinks decaf and the best so far has been from Foundry, if anyone has any other recommendations for good decaf that would also be great.
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