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  1. I haven't experienced any leaks on my Synchronika, but it does often perform a short fill when I first switch it on. I (possibly mistakenly) put it down to the level sensor in the boiler maybe being borderline when the machine was switched off from hot & once it cooled was sufficient to trigger a fill when I turned it on again. I have had the odd time when the pump starts but it takes maybe 10 seconds before you can hear water being pumped. I've yet to find a reason for this, I opened up the machine & checked all the connections, the fill solenoid and looked to see if the there w
  2. I'm thinking of ordering some Nicaragua - Pacamara Collaborative Apple Microlot & Ethiopia - Koke from @BlackCatCoffee using the forum discount. I was wondering if anyone has brewed these as an espresso & had any feedback & recommended brew ratios?
  3. It's pretty much as @Doram says. I generally don't use the grinder if I'm not using the espresso machine, even if it's just a little glowing red light, so I just have a double adapter on my smart plug & if I do want to use the grinder for a V60 I just turn espresso machine power switch off & turn the smart plug on manually
  4. I have SmartLife compatible 13A plug my Synchronika/Niche & have no problems using it.
  5. I've fitted a group thermometer to my Sync. I brew my light roasts at around 94 deg & the thermometer takes 45-60 min to stabilise at 91 deg depending on the ambient temperature, which equates to around 94 deg when brewing.
  6. Difficult to say. I have a background in electronics & software and it did take a bit of thinking about as I'd never used an Arduino before. It was fun to learn though (mostly)
  7. I've had a Synchronika for about 8-months & it's my first full on espresso machine. I don't really have a wealth of experience to go on, but think it looks great & is easy to use. It takes about an hour for the group to get up to temperature & I have it hooked up to a smart plug, so I can schedule it to turn on or I can turn it on if I'm out & about then it's ready for when get home Maintenance wise, I've not needed to do much more than greasing the cam after a chemical backflush as it get's squeaky, which I do every 100 shots & takes me about 30min to do. (the f
  8. I bought a 58.4mmm Motta, which seems to work fine in my 15g & 18g VST baskets
  9. The magnets aren't very thick maybe 1mm. You're a little limited by the shape of the funnel to how deep you can drill into the rim. The VST baskets I use aren't very magnetic so the number of magnets I used gave me sufficient hold & is actually easy to remove. As for why I grind direct into the basket rather than the dosing cup. I'm very much a novice among more knowledgeable people here so apart from it meaning one less step to get my espresso, The dosing cup on the Niche sits quite deep in the basket so I was seeing a gap between the coffee & the wall of the basket, which I want
  10. I used a pillar drill on a quick speed to get a neat hole. The funnel is made from Aluminuim so I guess you could do it with a hand drill
  11. That's right it didn't take long to arrive.. The funnel sits on the lip of the basket with a little lip round the outside edge. so doesn't protrude into the basket & you could tamp through it. If you tilt or knock the funnel it could fall off. The grounds do sometimes sit above the top of the basket & can coat the funnel a little so the magnets hold it in place until I've filled the basket & given it a little tamp on the counter so that all the grounds fall into the basket. Yes I did have to drill the funnel so the magnets sit flush & superglued them in. You cou
  12. It's just a little shy of 30mm. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Coffee-Powder-Intelligent-Dosing-Ring-Aluminium-Funnel-58mm-Black-Silver/401924923061?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I modified mine to added some tiny magnets so it sticks to the basket like the decent but at a fraction of the price https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tiny-N52-neodymium-disc-magnets-2mm-3mm-4mm-x-1mm-0-5mm-24k-GOLD-craft-jewellery/162122006726?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  13. I don't think I've ever used the cup & grind direct into the basket using a 3cm funnel. It's similar to the decent funnel & got it from fleabay & works fine. I did try a weber lookalike blind shaker but I thought it was way too tall.
  14. I can't offer up any possible causes only to say that the pump and strange creaking noise is very different to my Synchronika I think my machine initially hits 8 bar then rises to 10 when brewing or backflushing
  15. True, I think only James can answer that one. It probably does make production easier. I'm a mere keeno coffee novice learning his trade. Through my amateur eyes (& taste buds) I'm chuffed with my Niche. Certainly knocks the burrs off the ECM grinder I was loaned until the Niche arrived, which was pants
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