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  1. Sorry to hear you've not had a good experience with BB. I've never had any reason to question their service & always found them to be an exemplary company to deal with. Maybe they're still reviewing what you sent them FWIW I've just brewed a light roasted fruity decaf from the solo (Setting No. 11) 18g in 3 bellows pumps at the end cleared the baffles 17.9g out = 36g brewed in 28s & it was singing all the way across the taste buds. It appears and old dog can be taught some new tricks. I hope it wasn't a one-off As far as variance in extraction from grind setting changes, with
  2. Wow! that's a a proper dismantling job. 😳 You're a brave man doing that with your new toy. I think I'm slowly getting accustomed to working with mine & the grinder might be loosening up a bit as the bellows seem to be doing a better job of clearing chamber. If it does start struggling again; after seeing this I don't think removing the baffles is something I would contemplate doing while still under warranty & I'd send it back for inspection
  3. Sounds like a few potential pitfalls if you get it wrong. I'm not sure I understand your monolith comparison. Are you saying you've removed the spout altogether & are using the grinder without it?
  4. Hee Hee. Thanks @ajohn I took a look at the American forum & spotted the post I think you were referring to. It sounds like it involves quite a bit of disassembly
  5. I think that's the plan Dave. I've no intention of modifying things like that in the short term, especially as the grinder is under warranty & I wouldn't want to risk invalidating anything there by peeing about
  6. My light roast espresso's today were a little more successful though still getting the big slug of grinds at the end when pumping the bellows, which also contains plenty of fines. I'm grinding direct into the portafilter so as mentioned in Dave's review, stirring seems to be a good idea Out of interest should I consider removing of the baffles in the future, how & is it easy is it to actually remove them?
  7. Thanks @ajohn for posting your observations & experiences. It's nice hearing that someone else is on a similar flats journey as myself. Only having the grinder a few days I think it's worth me giving it a good chance to prove itself before I consider my options. Although very (sometimes too) enthusiastic, I'm still a relative amateur in the world of espresso & have much learning still to do. So it's quite possible that I'm doing/not doing something that is skewing things. I love the single dosing element of both the Solo & Niche as like to vary my espresso flavours throu
  8. Ahh a few microns of titanium that explains a lot. It did cross my mind after I'd posted that it might be the TiN burrs. Too late was the cry Maybe I'm used to the workflow on the Niche with the light roasts & have to tweak things for the Solo. I noticed that you'd taken to giving the grinds a stir on the Solo, which I don't remember you doing on your Niche videos. Did you find it makes much difference?
  9. I may be incorrect but don't believe there's any easy way to change the touching point without padding the burrs with additional shims. Functionally I doubt it makes any difference, though I was surprised there was quite a swing with what others have found As there's no graduations after 0, assuming I have to go lower than 0 for my light roasts unless I add my own markers it just makes it a bit more hit & miss getting the right grind setting
  10. That's how I've been working though have tried while the grounds have been exiting the chute to try & stop it from backing up with little difference.
  11. It's sort of reassuring that I'm not an isolated case. I mainly use light roasts and dose at 15g, with 18g for decaf. Even at 0 my lightest Myanmar roast is a bit of a gusher! & the Decaf runs about right at 5. On my Niche these are dialled in at 4 & 10 respectively so low down on the scale there too. I noticed in [email protected] review that his burr touching point is around 15 on the scale, whereas mine is actually off-scale at the 'a' of adjust! You might ask why go for a Solo when I have a Niche? I've never used a flat burr grinder & I'd read/heard that it can't bring out
  12. Thanks Dave. I do initially get grinds out but as I get towards the end of my dose they slow then stop requiring much bellows pumping then a big slug comes out. I'll try to make a short video tomorrow & see what you think if that's OK
  13. @DavecUK Thanks for the mini review. I've been finding that my solo is struggling with grinding where the grinder appears to be clogging at the exit chute and require a lot of pumping of the bellows to get all the grounds out, initially the bellows don’t push much out & you can feel resistance building accompanied by the sensation that the bellows aren’t pushing air through freely, then after a while you get a big slug of grounds, (around 3-4g) which contain a lot of fines. I took the burrs out today to inspect the internals & noticed that the exit chute has some sort of segm
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