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  1. 17 grams in Portslade vg, nice people
  2. still waiting recommendations for fine organic coffee for sale ! or fair trade/shade grown
  3. Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops on the planet. Yes, washing and roasting removes most pesticides from coffee beans but consider the impact on coffee workers of this method of production. Good research here: https://old.danwatch.dk/en/undersogelseskapitel/brazilian-coffee-is-sprayed/ It's a sorry tale of banned chemicals, absence of protective equipment and ill health "A survey of coffee workers taken in southern Minas Gerais in 2011 hints at the scope of the problem. Out of a group of 412 workers, 59 percent experienced at least one typical symptom of pesticide poisoning. " I would welcome recommendations from the forum for UK organic coffee suppliers.
  4. the first and most obvious upgrade to consider
  5. considering investing in a decent grinder. I could never get a consistent with the built-in Sage one.
  6. Works for me. Give it a try. "Always start with milk that’s as cold as possible — it takes air better, and gives you more time to work it. Some people even store their pitchers in the freezer. " https://www.wholelattelove.com/blogs/how-to/milk-frothing-for-beginners-5-tips
  7. I also have a Specialita. Frankly, like most grinders, it took about 2 months to achieve a consistent grind. First few weeks was terrible. Grinders do not work well right of the box.
  8. one more tip. Use as cold milk as you can, I also leave my milk jugs in fridge. Milk that's too warm just does not texture right.
  9. The seller responded and said it def works with the Specialita. I've decided not to bother for now, just half fill, tamp and do a second tamp.
  10. done my time with Sage, never again !
  11. it's not an easy skill, and I found it took so long to get my Sage up to pressure that microfoam was not really poss, and result lacked body.
  12. does he have to SHOUT about it, and back off with that camera please !
  13. I echo SarahA's comments above. My Barista Express no long after warranty ended and Sage do not offer any worthwhile help regarding repair. Spare parts are non existent. Shame in some ways as Sage machines are quite reasonable (when they work!) if you want an auto or semi-auto set-up. The only good news was I got £170 for my non-working BE on Ebay...
  14. I found my BE expelled a lot of water, needed emptying a lot
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