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  1. Sometimes I add a little Carnation sweetened condensed milk. Cream & sugar in a single shot! Tesco sells it in a squeeze bottle which is easier than a tin.
  2. It might need descaling. When I stripped my GC down for a thorough clean, I couldn't get the solenoid opened, so I just flushed it with descaler.
  3. I just ordered 1kg of their Signature espresso blend I liked last time for £14.72 delivered
  4. I mix my Americano a little on the strong side. 1:1 ratio of water to espresso (18g puck = 36g shot + 36g water. Works for me. Sometimes if I can't be bothered for the added steps I'll just run the machine longer (Lungo?).
  5. I live in Burwell, it's on the border between Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. We actually have a really good coffee shop walking distance from my house...Elk Coffee. I've never been to St. Ives, so I can't help you there. Although I did once meet a man going there with 7 wives...
  6. Welcome! I'm also from the Cambridgeshire area. There's a LOT of good info in these forums, so take your time and ask questions. It's a good idea to sit down and decide early on what your budget will be and some realistic expectations of quality before potentially blowing a lot of money.
  7. I picked up a damaged one on these forums in exchange for some beans; gearbox is shot and a broken microswitch with a few other minor issues. In the US, Baratza will refurbish a Sette 270w for a flat rate $90 (about 70 quid) and you essentially get a new machine with a 6-month warranty. I'm not sure what avenues we have here in the UK in that regard though. CoffeeHit has spare parts for the Sette. I wouldn't say the 270wi is "worthless", but certainly not worth what they're going for new. £200-300 in excellent "low-mileage" condition isn't too far of a stretch. The plastic gearboxes don't last longer than 2 years, so yours already has one foot in the grave so to speak, so £150 is probably close to the mark.
  8. £499 price for new. I'm sorry you got desperate enough to resort to ebay. I'm fairly certain most forum members are willing to be patient to save a few hundred quid. I got mine last month and it's great. I wouldn't pay what you did though. You might have better luck listing it on ebay for that price.
  9. Oh man, this is super tempting. I live in Burwell and work at RAF Mildenhall (lots of US plugs). You're only about 20-25min away from us. I'd like to have this, I have a coworker who'd love to try and repair it. I have some US beans to offer in trade.
  10. Personally, I would double-box it (2 inches of foam pellets between the boxes) and post it insured. Take lots of photos of the items before/during/after boxing (in case of insurance damage claim) and have the receiver document the unboxing with photos also (just in case). Who you pick as courier is up to you, but I would never pick Yodel myself.
  11. This has happened to me before as well. Nice to have an explanation to the phenomenon.
  12. For reference, I paid £225 last year for my 2006 GC with PID but mine didn't come with anywhere near the amount of accessories or mods that this one has. I've spent over £100 on a full strip-down rebuild including most of the mods referenced here (still no Rancillo wand yet) and scales, and mine still isn't up to the level of this bundle. If I didn't already have mine, I would have been inclined to make an offer. This looks like a good deal for someone wanting a brilliant machine with all the mod-cons already installed.
  13. Someone's done a video review of these two a few years ago because they knew you'd ask the question
  14. The Encore was my first grinder. I still have it, but I'm going to sell it to a coworker. It has multiple adjustments and all of them are for filter. I HAVE used my Encore for espresso, but it was not happy about it and it struggled. It should be perfectly fine for your intended use though. It does have a problem with grind retention in the chute and grinds tend to accumulate in the area around the collection basket.
  15. I've just been informed that I posted this directly into the "sold" subforum. 🙄 Anyway, I'll accept @gilbodavid offer since he's agreed to cover postage to his location.
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