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  1. Heard back from Niche, no problems with cancelling order. Payment sent to @THR_Crema just now!
  2. Willl take provided I can cancel the niche order I’m waiting on - just finding out now.
  3. Hey everyone, Thank you for all the suggestions, and help — made this so much easier. Found a local Macap MXA grinder in good condition for reasonable price, I think this will do me perfectly until the Niche arrives. Did some research and they seem like a solid machine, same level as Super Jolly and I think it’ll resell quite easily, maybe for a tiny bit less. Over the moon as the other options were quite far away etc. Lelit Bianca arriving Monday / Tuesday and then the fun starts! Need to pick up a few things yet before I think I’
  4. Decided it was a bit much for what I need - and I heard they aren’t great with light roasts! I actually hadn’t — thank you for that! Would Super Jolly’s be a solid temporary machine? Have left him a message!
  5. Apologies, upon researching the grinder I found it hard to find any reviews on it and have come to conclusion I am better with a electric grinder. Have edited post. Sorry for the hassle
  6. Based in Cork, Ireland so a bit far! Do you have a spare machine?
  7. Hey, I’m waiting a delivery of a Niche Zero for October, yet my espresso machine is arriving next week! I’m looking for a second-hand grinder (bang for buck ideally) to get me through until then. What’s about? Thank you!
  8. If this can grind for espressos decently — will take. Need a grinder until Niche Zero arrives Edit: Not sure how good this actually is to grind, and struggling to find reviews on the 1 model so for now, offer withdrawn. Apologies
  9. Hey — will take at asking price. Nevermind!
  10. would these work with a espresso machine on drip tray or too big?
  11. Looking to pick up a Lunar scales. Mainly espresso, if Pearl would fit on a drip tray I’d consider that too!
  12. Yes to be fair, I totally misread a paragraph and it is super clear. My apologies! Enjoy @higbert!
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